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  • Wish me luck !

    Hello Gurus,

    Bought my BT3100 a few years ago on Craigslist and did a flooring project. Shortly after that I had a neck injury which prevented me from doing any woodworking. The saw had been sitting idle in a corner for all these years. A year ago, I tried to do a project and noticed the blade raising mechanism isn't working so it went back into oblivion.

    In the meantime I discovered this forum.

    Tomorrow is a big day when I am planning to get the saw out and open it completely. Hopefully, it is just all the fine dust from the flooring project collected everywhere in the saw. Of course, I have read enough on this forum to know about the dreaded shims. I am hoping mine is not a shim problem

    I will follow some of the tips like lubricating with graphite, alignments and drawing the red line.

    I hope to get into the world of some serious woodworking. Wish me luck and please chime in your suggestions. Looking for any good advice.

    - NG

    PS - I plan to completely dismantle and reassemble the saw - does anyone this it is not a good idea after all? Thanks ....

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    Wishing you good luck!
    Hank Lee

    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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      From the master...
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        Thanks leehljp and GrumpyDad for the support. I might have posted this in the wrong forum though so will post my subsequent questions in the BT3x00 forum.


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          I hope you read my BT3 FAQ, linked at the bottom of each of my posts including this one.
          I find Johnsons Paste Wax is better than graphite powder! Read about it in the FAQ. And look it up on the forum.
          Loring in Katy, TX USA
          If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems as if they were nails.
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