BT3 Central Acronyms and terms, Pt. 1

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  • BT3 Central Acronyms and terms, Pt. 1

    Here from the BT3 FAQ is the list of commonly used acroynms and specialty terms used here on BT3Central:

    Tools, tool-related
    TS table saw
    CS cabinet saw, or circular saw
    BS bandsaw
    Riser – an accessory for bandsaws, extends the vertical column to allow larger resaw capacity
    DC dust collector
    MS miter saw
    CMS compound miter saw
    SCMS sliding compound miter saw
    TP thickness planer
    JP jointer-planer
    DP drill press
    Swing – for drill presses, this is twice the distance of the column to bit center, a 12" drill press has a swing of 12 inches and can drill anywhere in a 12" diameter workpiece. A drill press with a swing of 12" has a six-inch clearance to the column.
    RDP radial drill press
    BJ biscuit joiner (often mistakenly called a jointer)
    OSS oscillating spindle sander
    ROS random orbital sander
    RAS Radial Arm saw
    RT router table
    SS scroll saw
    VS variable speed
    EVS electronic variable speed
    HP horsepower
    RPM revolutions per minute
    SPM strokes per minute (Jig saw, Scroll saw)
    OPM orbits per minute (ROS)
    FPM feet per minute (Belt sander, BS)
    CFM, SCFM (standard) cubic feet per minute (compressors, Dust collectors, vacuums, blowers, etc.)
    TEFC totally enclosed fan-cooled (a type of induction motor suited for dusty environments)
    HVLP High volume low pressure (sprayer)
    LVLP Low volume low pressure (Sprayer)
    HVAC – Heating, ventilation and Air conditioning
    Dado – a groove, or the type of blades used to cut dado grooves
    Raker – flat bottom sparse teeth for internal blades in dado cutting sets
    ATB alternate top bevel – a saw blade tooth construction
    FTG – flat top grind – a saw blade tooth configuration
    TCG - triple chip grind - a saw blade tooth configuration
    LI Lithium Ion, chemistry for rechargeable battery
    NiMH Nickel-metal hydride, chemistry for rechargeable battery
    NiCd or NiCad Nickel Cadmium, chemistry for rechargeable battery
    CW clockwise
    CCW counter-clockwise
    TPI Teeth per inch, applicable to bandsaw, scrollsaw, jigsaw and handsaw blades, OR threads per inch applicable to threaded rods and machine screw threads and fabric weave density
    People, groups, organizations
    WW - Woodworker (or woodworking)
    LOML – Love of my life (i.e. wife or partner)
    SWMBO – She who must be obeyed (i.e. wife)
    SO – Significant other (i.e. wife or GF)
    GF - girlfriend
    MIL - mother-in-law
    FIL - father-in-law
    BIL - brother-in-law
    NEC – National Electric Code
    Norm – Norm Abrams, host of New Yankee Workshop
    NYW – New Yankee Workshop, woodworking TV show on PBS (Public Broadcasting System)
    OP – Original Poster (referring to the person who started a Discussion group thread)
    OWWM –, old woodworking machines website, info about older power tools.
    IT – information technology (dept. and people taking care of computers )

    Ryobi BT3000/BT3100 saw & its parts
    BT3K - BT3000
    BT3.1K - BT3100
    BT3, BT3x – BT3x00 i.e. either BT3000 or BT3100 or the Sears variants
    BT benchtop, also sometimes short for BT3 or BT3x
    RF - rip fence
    SMT - sliding miter table
    MST, DMST – (dual) miter slot table
    TP – throat plate
    TK – thin kerf, refering to the bade with its 3/32" or 0.096-0.100" wide cut. Full kerf or standard
    woodworking blades are 1/8" or .125" kerf.
    RK – Riving Knife, the vertical component of the blade guard assembly
    ZCI - zero clearance insert (same as ZCTP)
    ZCTP - zero clearance throat plate
    SCTP - Swiss cheese Throat plate – a ZCTP with a number of holes to allow top dust to be sucked down into the blade guard area cleaned by the rear vacuum port.
    WTK – Wide Table Kit (basically the extension rails and mounting hardware)
    AT - Auxiliary table
    MP – Micropositioner trademarked "Rapid Set"
    FOT – folding outfeed table
    Parting out – this term refers to the practice of selling off the parts of a BT3x for more money than can be had by selling the whole saw, used.
    Retail and on-line Stores, Merchants, auction sites
    HF - Harbor Freight, a national retail and mail/internet seller of low cost import tools
    HD - Home Depot, a large national chain of hardware stores (AKA Orange Box)
    Lowes – national chain of hardware stores (AKA Blue Box), competing with Home Depot.
    BORG - Big Orange Retail Giant, also a play on Star Trek and assimilation (= Home Depot)
    Wally World – Walmart
    MLCS – a mail order/internet supplier of router bits and other woodworking tools
    PSI – Penn State Industries, mail order/internet supplier of dust collection, lathe/turning and other WW supplies
    Rockler – a woodworking supply store chain
    Woodcraft - a woodworking supply store chain
    Cummins – a national chain of discount tool stores featuring reconditioned merchandise, much sold from travelling truck trailers.
    Menards – an upper-midwest U.S. chain hardware store.
    eBay – the internet Auction site
    CL – Craig’s List – Internet-based classified ads, by cities. 25% owned by eBay, no fees for posting or buying.
    B&M – Brick and Mortar, referring to physical store presence as opposed to on-line stores.

    Tool manufacturers/brands/Families
    BD - Black and Decker tools, also owner of DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Delta, deVilbiss and Oldham
    Bosch – Robert Bosch Tool Corp owner of Bosch, Skil, Rotozip, Dremel, VA
    CH – Campbell Hausfeld – manufactures air compressors and air tools
    Craftsman – a trademark of Sears for their line of hand and power tools, virtually all manufactured by OEMs for Sears.
    DW - DeWalt, a division of Black and Decker
    PC - Porter Cable, a division of Black and Decker
    TTI – TechTronic Industries Co. Ltd. Hong Kong (Ryobi, Homelite, Dirt Devil, OWT, and soon, Milwaukee)
    OWT - One World Technologies, subsidiary of TTI, manufacturer of Ridgid bench and stationary woodworking tools
    Pentair – former owner of Delta/Porter-Cable
    Ridgid – power tool maker, formerly owned by Emerson, now owned by OWT, a Techtronics Ind. Company, probably made in Ryobi factories.
    Ryobi – Ryobi Tools is owned by Techtronics Industries Co., Ltd.; Ryobi lawn and garden equipment, sporting goods are separate companies now.
    Skil – a division of Robert Bosch Tool Co.
    SS – Shopsmith – an old line manufacturer of all-in-one tools using a basic stand and motor with attachments to turn it into a drillpress, table saw, lathe, etc.
    VA - Vermont American. a division of Robert Bosch Tool Co.
    WMH – WMH tool group, owner of Jet, Performax, Wilton, Powermatic tools
    Crapsman – derogatory reference to Sears Craftsman, whose tools are made by many different manufacturers under contract to Sears.
    Grizzly – Manufacturer of hand, bench, and stationary power tools, less highly promoted than the big name brands. Sold only through Grizzly mail/internet but affiliated with Amazon.
    Shopfox – manufacturer of tools, Grizzly’s retail brand name
    Sunhill – importer of Chinese-made free-standing power tools.
    Steel City – recently started manufacturer of large power tools, spun off by Delta execs.
    Sawstop – a manufacturer of table saws incorporating a patented electrically activated blade brake
    Central Electric – house brand imported electric power tools of Harbor Freight
    Chicago Pneumatic - house brand imported air tools of Harbor Freight
    OEM – original equipment manufacturer, loosely refers to the company that designs and manufactures an item later branded and sold by another company.
    Loring in Katy, TX USA
    If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems as if they were nails.
    BT3 FAQ -

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    Acronyms and Terms used at BT3 Central, Pt. 2

    MDF - Medium density Fiberboard, and engineered wood fiber material very flat and stable.
    MDO – Medium density Overlay, basically plywood with paper fiber-based outer layer impregnated with acrylic resins. Also called Signboard.
    KD – Kiln Dried
    AD – Air dried
    PT Pressure-treated usually pine impregnated with chemicals to inhibit rot and insects – see ACQ and CCA below
    ACQ - Ammonium Copper Quartenary – new PT (pressure treated) process, non-toxic
    CCA – Copper Chromate Arsenic – Chemicals used in older PT pine, somewhat toxic and now outlawed.
    BB – Baltic Birch, a plywood with many fine layers, void free, imported from Russia or the Baltic states, comes in 5x5 sheets.
    OSB oriented strand board
    Plywood – laminated wood with odd number of layers of alternating 90° orientation.
    AC plywood – plywood with one (good) A-graded surface and the other (rough) C-graded.
    S2S surfaced on 2 sides (planed smooth on two faces)
    S3S surfaced 3 sides (two faces and one edge)
    S4S surfaced four sides
    FAS - first and seconds - The best and most expensive grade of hardwood lumber. Boards 5 1/2" and wider, 8' and longer. The FAS grade includes a range of boards which yield from 83 1/3% (10/12ths) to 100% clear wood in cuttings at least 3" wide by 7' long or 4" wide by 5' long.
    QS – quartersawn, Lumber sawn with the direction of the rings perpendicular to the wide face (((((((( of a board, giving the appearance of tight grain. Usually considered preferable to RS or FS and carries a price premium
    S&B select and better – like FAS but starting 4" and wider and 6’ and longer.
    #1 Common – like S&B but only 66.6% clear, shorter and narrower boards
    #2 Common – like #1 common but with more knots and checks and piths.
    RS – rift sawn, lumber with the rings running approximately 45° to the wide face of the board.
    FS – flat sawn or plain sawn lumber, rings are more or less parallel to the wide side of a board showing broad rays and arcs (or "cathedral grain") on the surface. FS sawn boards may be more prone to cupping than QS.
    JPW Johnson's Paste wax
    SF square foot (144 sq. inches)
    LF Linear foot (one foot long)
    BF Board-foot - volume measure of hardwoods (144 cu inches, usually at original rough-cut dimensions)
    Lexan – trade name for polycarbonate plastic; polycarbonate plastic is extremely break resistant compared to acrylic plastics.
    Plexiglas – trade name for acrylic plastic
    TFE, PTFE – teflon, a very slick plastic material or plastic coating
    CI – cast iron
    PU – polyurethane (generic name for "Gorilla" glue), also polyurethane is a flexible thermoplastic material used for electrical wire insulation, containers, etc.
    PVA – polyvinyl acetate (primary ingredient of woodworking glues)
    CA – cyanoacrylate (super glue)
    GG – Gorilla Glue (e.g. PU or polyurethane glue)
    UHMW ultra high molecular weight (plastic), a dense slippery polyethylene plastic often used for sliding surfaces
    PE polyethylene, a thermoplastic, commonly used for plastic milk jugs
    PVC polyvinyl chloride, a widely-used thermoplastic, plastic plumbing pipe is typically made from this
    HCS – high carbon steel – alloy containing .4 to .75% carbon + iron used for inexpensive cutting tools.
    HSS – high speed steel, a hardened steel used for cutting tools, harder than HCS, carbon steel but much less hard than tungsten carbide.
    Tungsten Carbide – a metal alloy that is expensive, brittle but very hard and durable, used often as inserts or tips for cutting tools like blades and router bits. (commonly just called carbide when referring to cutting tools).
    Carbide – when used in conjunction with cutting tools and bits, implies tungsten carbide.
    TiN – titanium nitride, a gold colored metallic coating applied to drill bits and router bits to reduce friction and heating
    SS - stainless steel
    4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4 thickness of hardwoods, based on rough cut size in Ό" increments, 4/4 would be 1" thick, unfinished, 8/4 would be 2 inches thick.
    C2, C3, C4, C5 – hardness grades of Tungsten carbide, C3 and C4 are most often used for cutting tools for woodworking. Higher numbers are harder but more brittle, so the tradeoff is higher C-values stay sharp longer but are easier to chip and break.
    Masonite – a brown pressboard material made using wood fibers pressed into a board using steam and heat. Usually with a smooth and rough side. Sold in sheets up to 4’ x 8’.
    Pegboard – Masonite Ό" or 1/8" thick with Ό" holes drilled on a 1" x 1" grid across the whole sheet, designed to take standard pegboard holders for hanging items on a wall.

    SH socket head (e.g. hex socket, or Allen head, or Torx socket)
    HH hex head (e.g. for use with a wrench)
    FH flat head (with a beveled underside, requires a beveled countersunk hole)
    PH pan head (a rounded head-type screw), or Phillips head
    RH round head (fasteners) or Right-hand referring to thread direction or motion
    LH left hand (referring to reverse from normal thread direction)

    joinery and cuts
    CS - countersink/countersunk, a beveled larger hole concentric with a smaller hole to receive flat head fasteners and make the head flush with the material surface.
    Counterbore – a larger hole concentric with a smaller, deeper hole to hide screw heads and other fasteners.below the material surface. Sometimes filled with a tight-fitting plug after installation of the fastener.
    M&T mortise and tenon joinery technique
    Dado – a rectangular groove cut into a face of a board
    Rabbet – An L-shaped channel cut along the edge or end of a workpiece
    Rebate – European (UK English) or Aussie speak for rabbet
    Kerf – the cut or cut width left by a power saw blade.
    Resaw – cutting a thick board into thinner boards or veneers, usually done with a bandsaw
    Crosscut – cut across the grain of a board
    Ripcut – cut along the grain direction (usually the length) of a board
    Mortise – A square or rectangular hole
    Tenon – A projection extending from the end or edge of a board usually specially cut to fit a mortise.
    Cheek – The part of a tenon parallel to the face of the board
    Shoulder – The part of a board around a tenon, perpendicular to the face of the board

    Classified ads/For Sale/Shipping
    CL – Craig’s List on-line classified advertisements
    eBay – on-line auction site
    FS – for sale
    MO – Money Order
    OBO – or best offer
    NIB – new in Box
    NWT – new with Tags
    WTB – Wanted to Buy
    FOB – "Free on Board"; Seller will hand over to a shipping carrier of your choice to be shipped at your expense
    USPS – United States Postal Service, e.g. the US Post Office
    UPS – United Parcel Service; e.g. the guys in the brown trucks
    Fedex – Federal Express
    General figures of speech/electronic messages/e-mail
    DAMHIKT - Don’t ask me how I know that!
    ROFL – Rolling on floor, laughing
    ROFLMAO - ROFL my ass off (an extreme case of ROFL)
    WAG, SWAG (Scientific) wild ass guess
    POS - piece of Sh*t
    RTFM Read the F***ing manual
    PC – politically correct
    PITA - Pain In The A$$
    IMHO – in my honest opinion, or humble opinion
    BTW – by the way
    DIY – do-it-yourself
    PS – postscript
    AFAIK – as far as I know
    IIRC – if I recall (remember) correctly
    HTH – hope that helps/helped
    FS – for sale
    SYL – see you later
    TTFN – ta-ta for now, e.g. SYL
    AKA Also known as
    BIF Basis in fact
    BTDT – been there, done that
    BTW By the way
    DNO – dead nuts on (e.g. accurate with no measurable error)
    FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
    FWIW For what it's worth
    FYA For your amusement
    FYI For your information
    GMTA Great minds think alike, e.g. he had the same idea as you did
    GR&D Grinning, running, & ducking
    HHOK Ha ha, only kidding
    HHOS Ha ha, only serious
    IAC In any case
    IMO In my opinion
    IMHO In my humble opinion
    IMNSHO In my not-so-humble opinion
    IMAO In my arrogant opinion
    IOW In other words
    LOL Laughing out loud
    MOTD Message of the day
    NBIF No basis in fact
    OTOH On the other hand
    OT Off topic
    PC Politically Correct or Personal Computer
    PI or PIC Politically Incorrect
    PM private mail (message) usually through the on-line forum services rather than e-mail, protects the privacy of users who will get the message w/o giving out their e-mail address.
    POV Point of view
    RL Real life
    ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing
    RSN Real soon now
    TIA Thanks in advance
    TIC Tongue in cheek
    WTG Way to go
    YMMV Your mileage may vary
    unPC Same thing as PI
    Loring in Katy, TX USA
    If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems as if they were nails.
    BT3 FAQ -


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          ICUUC = I see you Uncle Cracker!
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                And to confuse things ever further when you are dealing with woodturners, HF not only means Harbor Freight, but also means Hollow Form.

                CM = Crafsman, OR Central Machinery (Sears and Harbor Freight house brands respectively).

                And if you ask IBM, PC means Personal Computer...
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