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    Our dogs really like the park, and the larger one likes sitting up high and surveying his kingdom when I hang out on the patio. We used to have a spa out there and he'd sit on the cover all the time, but we took that out. So we decided to make this playground/guard tower for them.

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      Hand rails.... or dog rails? They won’t get to tussling around and push one another off?

      When I had my houseboat parked at my house rebuilding it my 2 Labrador retrievers would come aboard and inspect my work. For a while I had the handrails removed, when the labs came aboard, always bring competitive they tried to walk side by side down the 20” unguarded walkway. That never worked out well for whichever was on the outside. The 6’ drop to the hard ground quickly taught them not to come aboard, even after I re-installed the handrails.



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        We've discussed something near the slide because the little one gets excited and approaches it from the side. Otherwise no, the large one likes to leap on/off from wherever, and they don't really play or get all that excited on there. The video has some excitement because it was his first time and the wife was getting him to go. Now the little guy mostly just walks up and slides, and big guy just wants to hang round in his guard tower and observe.

        We used to have a 7' square hot tub that was almost as tall. They would jump up there and hang out.


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          I could just imagine my labs gnawing the corners off the edges of our hot tub cover.


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            Fun project! Good work!
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