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ID:	833888 Decided to upgrade my drill press table. After a Google search, I decided to use a round insert that is easily switched out. The round insert easily rotated to provide a new backing surface. I made several disks when I built the table!
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    I have the Rockler drill press table which I got several years ago. It uses a rectangular block, which as you alluded to gets drilled out pretty quickly. I resolved that challenge simply by drilling out with a larger bit and then gluing in a plug that I make from a dowel cut off.... I keep a cup of those for that purpose.

    I do like your idea of a round insert though, and the ability to quickly rotate it seems very efficient. How much trouble is it to cut those discs though? I presume you just use a hole saw?


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      I rarely end up drilling into my insert as I usually use a sacrificial piece. But when I do need to replace it, square seems easier. I just run a bunch of MDF on the Incra sled set. Do you have a dedicated circle cutter or something?


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        I use a square piece of MDF for the precut square hole int he center of my Woodpecker table.
        I did make a mistake when mounting the table to the round table of the DP. I centered the cutout perfectly.
        That means the line of holes in the insert all intersect int he exact center when you rotate the insert. I Wish I had put the table about an inch offset to the front to be able to use more fresh area on the insert.
        Most of the time I try to use a sacrificial piece underneath and limit the damage to the insert. but its not always convenient.

        That said, its very fast and clean and easy cutting squares of MDF on the table saw for new inserts..I would imagine circles to be much more trouble.
        Loring in Katy, TX USA
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          Well, I would have done the same thing. I'm just swapping in a new Woodpecker DP table. Thanks for that idea; I'll mount it so I get multiple uses of the insert.


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            The round plug is a good idea. I'd imagine that it's not critical to cut a perfect circle for this application and "close enough" with a bandsaw is probably good enough.


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              If you drill the middle of a round circle insert, it may spin in its position as the bit tries to enter it.
              You have to make sure the circle is not dead center concentric of your drill axis.
              Loring in Katy, TX USA
              If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems as if they were nails.
              BT3 FAQ -


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                I used a router circle jig to cut the circles. Once set up I cut several circles for future use. Only on my second circle. Generally use a backup scrap but not always obviously. The circle is off-set so it does not spin. You get to use the whole circumference of the circle and both sides.


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                  Great idea on the circle insert, I may have to see if I can modify my existing DP table to accommodate - thanks!
                  Bill in Buena Park