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  • Just joined the BT3x00 club

    Bought a BT3100 locally. Unfortunately it looks like the SMT was missing a few parts.
    I'm missing the non-eccentric screws, sliders to attach the table. Also the miter fence holder was missing :-(

    However I did clean out the saw and lubricate the gears and everything else is working fine.

    Apart from the usual suspects (ereplacement parts and ebay) are there any other places to look into buying the missing parts?


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    Welcome to the club! E- bay as you mentioned has been my best source. Good luck.
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      eBay, but be patient. THere's a lot of opportunists, apparently.
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        I thought I made a response yesterday but it may have disappeared in the netherworld. i may have the parts you need but I may be considered as one of the opportunists on eBay, but I do dicker and setup special parts packages that may save you money. Iíve had concerns with the sliding miter tables (SMT) and Iíve taken a couple and pulled off the crucial parts, sliders, clamps eccentric and non eccentric screws, most of which are not readily available. These parts can be used to bring your SMT up to working.

        if you send me a PM I can get together with you and see if I have any5hing that will work for you.