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Box Joint Jig for BT3000

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  • Box Joint Jig for BT3000

    It's been ages since I've participated in the forum, but I see it's still up and running. Good to be back!

    I seem to remember many years ago that someone had designed a good box joint jig for the BT3000. I've searched for it, but without any luck. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS I should add that I don't have a mitre slot on my old BT3000 so am looking for a workaround for that shortcoming.

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    Check the articles section at the top of the page. I think I recall one there.
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      There is also the Lynn Jig that has been discussed here many time. I'm sure it is documented on this site as well, but the first place I found it is below.
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        Got this video from finewoodworking recently.
        THis is pretty easy to adapt to the BT3x, attaching to the miter fence on the SMT.
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