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    Have just joined and am so excited to hear of other woodworkers who love their BTx00. Have had a BT 3000 for 25 yrs and love it. Have my big PC router mounted in it. Have a Forrest blade in it and it has served me well. Why on earth did they stop making it?

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    Welcome David!
    just another brick in the wall...


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      It sure had a good run.
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        Welcome David. Many of us wondered why they stopped production also. They continued to make it for a while under "Sears" brand.
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          Welcome, David. You'll find a few of us here that still actively use the saw. Personally I believe the exclusive with Home Depot killed it. HD never knew how to display the saw, and from the looks of what they did display it looked like junk. i never would have bought it if I hadn't found this forum in 2004 and saw what people were doing with it, and how versatile it was.


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            Hello and welcome,

            A lot of us feel the same way about the BT3. At the time I bought mine in 2005, it was on clearance. I had been looking for a table saw, nothing really big, but still I wanted something adequate that would fit the budget and yet be accurate. Did a lot of searching and with the help of this forum I decided on the BT3100-1. I'm still impressed with its able versatility.

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              Hello and Welcome. I regretfully sold my BT3100 a few years ago in an ill conceived plan to save space replace it, my drill press and bandsaw with a ShopSmith. I ended up buying another table saw and wish I still had my BT3100. Nothing in the price range of that little saw compares in functionality.
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