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  • Poll on Miter slots

    As the keep of the FAQ, I was made curious by some recent post activity.

    How many actually like and use the miter slots versus those who use the

    I know some people feel very strongly one way or the other.
    Use miter slots exclusively , don't use the SMT
    Use both the SMT and the Miter slots
    Only use SMT, have Miter slots
    Only use the SMT, don't have Miter slots
    What the heck is a miter slot?

    The poll is expired.

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    I installed the MST for one purpose: to hold a featherboard. The accuracy of my SMT was dead-on out of the box.
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      Miter slot poll

      Why own a BT if you don't use the SMT?


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        Guess I can still vote, I did have a BT3K for years.
        After I installed a MST and got an Incra V27, I never used the SMT again. But that is another of those personal preference things and not to say that those who adore the SMT are wrong.


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          I have the slots installed only for the runners on my miter sleds.
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            I have the right side slots installed - primarily for more real estate on the table. I did have a second set of slots installed on the left thinking of making a cross cut sled but found the SMT did it just as well. Also felt it put the SMT too far from the blade so I took the left side slots off. Result - never use the slots, just the SMT.
            Ken Weaver
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              Well one of these days I am going to expand the bt with a wide table and all the good things that go with that. When I do that I will put in some slots and get some kind of incra jig to go with it. The SMT is good, but having the option of both is better.
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                Originally posted by Ken Massingale View Post
                Guess I can still vote, I did have a BT3K for years.
                After I installed a MST and got an Incra V27, I never used the SMT again. But that is another of those personal preference things and not to say that those who adore the SMT are wrong.
                Same thing I did here, I do not like the SMT...


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                  Not set up yet

                  I have two MSTs, but I haven't had the shop set up to where I could install everything.
                  Monday or Tuesday will start the process of getting all my tools out of storage and setting them up.
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                    After finally fine-tuning my SMT to perfection, I decided I was still unhappy with the SMT fence. Too subject to movement. I added my own miter slot extension using an Incra miter channel, purchased a V27 miter gauge, and I haven't looked back.


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                      All the time I had my Bt3000 I never had or needed the miter slots. I made a bunch of sleds for the SMT.
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                        smt vs. miter slots ?

                        I have miter slots on both sides of the blade, never really liked or felt comfortable with the smt. I bought the Incra V-27 and like it so much
                        if I decided to sell the saw...I would keep the it and use it on the new saw as well. eezlock


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                          I love my SMT, after some minor adjustment when it came out of the box almost 6 years ago, I haven't had to adjust it since. I have had no problems with accuracy or repeatability. For cross cutting extra wide panels, I remove the SMT fence, install a aluminum angle bracket at the front end of the SMT with two #8 screws, drilled and tapped for in the SMT and away we go. If the panels are extra long, I support the end with a roller ball stand. I have even cut strips of the bottom of a door, granted it was a narrow door, but it worked.

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                            I have Rod Kirby's designed miter slot in my saw, but I can't ever remember using it. It was just something I thought I might use at some point. Bill
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                              I always feel like an oddball (cause I am) with most polls because nothing actually fits me and my work habits. I checked that I have both but use only the SMT. I do use the slots about 1 in 200 at the most. That does not give real justice to saying that I use both.

                              I have the Woodhaven miter and use it only when I need for the miter fence be real close to the blade. With the MST installed, the SMT Fence only comes only to about an inch or so from the fence, there are rare times that I need the fence to be within a 1/4 inch of the blade, so then I use the Woodhaven. This happens once a year to once every two years. I could get around this by making an extended sacraficial fence for use on the SMT Fence.

                              Never the less, does once every year to two years accurately portray "use both" when the SMT fence is used almost exclusively?
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