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  • Product Quality - Rant & Whine...

    The other day, our Keurig 2.0 coffee maker died. The plastic holding the lower piercing needle had degraded to the point where it just crumbled into pieces. Five years of daily use seemed ok, so we went looking for a new machine. Of course the 2.0 model was no longer in production having been replaced by "new, improved" models. A trip to Target provided a K-Supreme which had the same features as the old machine. It simply burned up during the set up procedure. Keurig support (in Mumbai) tried to help, but their troubleshooting script simply ran through the same steps I had already done. My options were to have them ship me a replacement or go back to Target for a replacement or refund. Turns out nearly all of the competition has similar out of the box problems. I was all set to replace my 15 year old Toro 2 stroke snow thrower with a Ryobi 40 volt cordless one. It has the same sort of out of the box issues. It was either OK or a POS out of the box. The only common aspects I can see is they are all offshore produced and they have all replaced products with better quality for cheaper alternatives. It seems that brand name corporations are trading their image for profit. End of rant.
    Jim Frye
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    Single serving Coffee machines!
    My wife went through two Tassimos that died one in warranty and the other our of warranty. She then bought a Cuisnart K-cup machine and has received three under warranty and the original, all failing with leaks or electrical issues. A 3-year warranty helps with replacements but apparently not reliability. She now has a $100 credit because they no longer make single serve coffee makers in that price range.
    They all cost around a hundred bucks or more.
    Loring in Katy, TX USA
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      We had our original Keurig for many years when my wife decided she wanted a red one so she ordered it and we started using it. Both worked as expected and the original one (black) is across the street with our neighbor. When the water was low there was a blue light at the base of the water reservoir that indicated a refill was needed. That worked fine as it was entirely visible to 5’4” wife and 6’2” me. The new (red) machine had a red light that would come on when water was needed for the reservoir, however that red light was at the right side, very top of the switches/buttons and the keurig was in the corner under a corner wall cabinet that I couldn’t see wh3n I was making coffee unless I stooped over. Sooooo,, many times I set the machine up with pod and cup in place and pushed the brew button and left for a short while, expecting to return to a cup of coffee only to find an empty cup and bending over a little to see the red ‘out of water light’.

      people who design these things should think more about who is going to use them and to be certain that ergonomically it will work properly for all sizes of people.


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        It's not a new problem either. When the new Keurig died, we pulled the old KitchenAid coffee maker out of storage in the basement to use until we found a new single serve machine. The irony is that the KitchenAid had its own new issues. The first one failed within a month of purchase. KitchenAid replaced it twice and both failed. KitchenAid then replaced it with a higher priced unit that worked and is still working.
        Jim Frye
        The Nut in the Cellar.
        ”Sawdust Is Man Glitter”


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          Personally my favorite coffee still comes out of a drip style coffee maker.

          We used a Keurig for several years and it was problem free, but it never brewed enough for my large mugs. I donated it to my office when we went overseas and I didn't want to deal with putting it on a transformer.

          Now we just use a French press when we experienced its simplicity on vacation in Iceland. Add grounds, add hot water, wait, pour.

          However, one of the joys of visiting my parents is they have a drip, my Dad stopped drinking coffee, and that leaves me an extra cup of coffee in the morning between me, my wife, and my Mom.


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            This was my experience with Keurig: http://www.condoman.us/B77.html


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              My daily coffee maker has held up quite well for several decades, of course I have to replace the supply container every few weeks, but it costs me only a few cents per cup and it's recyclable. The mixing device is a fair gage of stainless steel, so I haven't had any problems there either. Takes about a minute and a half over all.

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                I have had 3 Keurigs for home and 2 for work.

                The first one we bought back in early 2011. Within less than a year it did not operate properly and after a few phone conversations, they agreed to send another. It lasted about 4 years, In 2015, I bought another and it has been working flawlessly for 6 years. I change the filter out quarterly. Yearly, I run half a gallon of vinegar through it over a days time to clean out any build up.

                At work, in 2012, I bought one made for home use since there are only two of us most of the time using it, It worked for about 5 years before it quit working. I bought another one that continues to work today except it is slow, slow slow - about 3 1/2 to 4 minutes for the first cup even when it is ready. It just drips without a steady stream. The second cup if done immediately after the first takes about half that time. On these, I did the same as I did for our home Keurig, yearly vinegar clean and quarterly filter change.

                A year after the first one quit working (at work), I took it home with me to take it apart and learn what I could. About a year later, I started the learning process. The first thing I did was to run pipe cleaners through the tubes. In one, I hit a obstruction and jammed it. It cleaned out and I decided to see if it worked. I put it back together and tried it out. It worked fine. I gave it to my daughter who has used it for 4 years with her and still works.
                Hank Lee

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                  I'm a coffee snob, and feel personally offended by machines that force you to use not-fresh coffee. And from what I hear, the norm is for them to fail a lot.

                  We have a Saeco Royal Digital Plus fully automated machine. That means that water and whole beans go in, coffee comes out. That's it. You can have it make ristretto, espresso, or American-style watery coffee with a button. The display shows it has made 33,467 shots of coffee, and we've had it for 15 years. And we're not forced to drink the stale junk in pre-made cups. I blend and roast my own from green coffee beans.