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    FedEx tracking seems to have a sight problem. I checked a package in transit with them this morning at about 8:15. The two screen captures are of the scan times for the origin and destination. Of note is that all three locations are in the Central Time Zone.

    According to the destination report it was picked up at the same time but took six hours more getting to the FedEx location. According to their destination travel report this 6 hour difference puts it, arriving and departing the Olive Branch, MS location this afternoon, 3 hours 40 minutes and 4 hours 51 minutes, respectively, after the report was printed! (If my math is correct)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	FedEx origin.JPG Views:	0 Size:	28.4 KB ID:	842904
    Click image for larger version  Name:	FedEx destination.JPG Views:	0 Size:	27.6 KB ID:	842905
    Gotta love these people!
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    That is just crazy.
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      Olive Branch, about 35 miles from me and 10-12 miles from FedEx headquarters. I could have gone there and picked it up for you!

      I have talked with UPS about the same thing. I have local phone numbers of workers and drivers, and they tell me it doesn't make sense to them either.
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        It isn't just FedX, it's UPS and mostly the Post Office from my experience. I just had a package last week that was posted as being shipped first to a NJ site, then leaving that site, four hours later posted again that it's left that site. The next morning it arrived at that site, an hour later it left that site, then late that night that same site received the package again.

        Last summer I had a package UPS trucked past my city (Binghamton, NY) three times, first from Harrisburg, PA to Syracuse, NY; then back to Harrisburg; then back to Syracus, then back to Harrisburg, the finally here. When it arrived, the box was crushed, torn open, missing parts, and damaged. I had to return it to the seller.

        But the real prize was last spring, when I had some prescription shipped from Maryland by the way of Guam.... they arrived after more than an month.

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          Yeah, some pretty weird stuff goes on.

          But the other side of the spectrum. recently I bought a used, expensive camera lens from a dealer in Tokyo, on Friday night. Saturday they emailed me apologizing that they can't send it out until Monday. It arrived Tuesday at my home in Texas, by Fedex. Speedy and fully trackable even considering they are a day ahead.
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            Not quite the same, but the last time we came back from Japan (Tokyo) we landed in Seattle, got our bags - carried them through customs, carried them to domestic and had them loaded for Memphis. When we got to Memphis, one suitcase was missing, it got sent back to Tokyo! I asked if I could get the travel miles for the suitcase. Didn't work that way. They were looking for it when it got to Tokyo; we had it back in Memphis within about 30 hours of our landing here, and it is 24 hours of flying Seatle-Tokyo-Seatle-Memphis.

            Concerning the UPS/FedEx
            Many times it is not the actual travel of the package, and I have wondered why they do that - is it tax related?
            I live within 30 miles of Hernando MS (15 miles south of Memphis TN.) Package tracking routinely show going from MemphisTN to JacksonMS (200 miles) and then back to Hernando 185miles. I know that the time it takes it takes to receive some of the packages - that they are NOT going 200 miles to Jackson MS and back up to Hernando when they start in Memphis.
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            Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!