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  • Rockler 7 second glue

    Got an ad in the e-mails from Rockler. One item they are pushing is a 7-second glue. Here's their description:

    Adhesive and filler compound bonds virtually anything to anything, including rubber, glass, copper, aluminum, steel and most plastics. Combine the welding compound with adhesive to repair all types of holes, cracks and gaps. It cures in 7 seconds, can be drilled, sanded, tapped and even conducts electricity. Pack includes sandpaper, razor blade, masking tape, glove, paddle, pin and precision applicator tube.

    Note: Not engineered to work on polyethylene, polypropylene plastics, Teflon, or fiber-based materials like paper and cloth.

    My first thought is wow, Rockler (a woodworking supply co.) is selling a fast setting wood glue. How useful!
    Then I read the fine print.

    "Bonds virtually anything to anything, including rubber, glass, (long list of metals) and most plastics."

    hmm, anything and everything but wood.

    and then the kicker, "Note: Not engineered to work on polyethylene, polypropylene plastics, Teflon, or fiber-based materials like paper and cloth." Hmmm, wood is fiber based...

    So without ever mentioning it by name, they're telling me it won't work with wood. I had a good laugh about that, A woodworking supply co. selling an all-purpose glue whose purpose cannot involve wood of any kind.
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    Looks like CA with an accelerant.
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      Looks like somebody has been watching YouTube videos and started packaging the trick. I first came across the super glue and baking soda thing when I saw a video of a guy fixing the "nut" on a guitar. Then, I tried using different fillers I had in the shop and it works with just about anything.
      I've used the method to cast material for a screw, where I coated a screw with Boeshield and filled a mount with a large hole in it with fiberglass filler and crazy glue with the screw in it. It's a really useful trick. By the way, Dollar Tree is the place to get genuine crazy glue.
      There's one video where a guy and his lovely assistant try a lot of fillers with a really big bottle of cyanoacrylate and find some interesting reactions. Apparently, there's something about cyano where it transitions through air into an anaerobic state where it just heats up and cures. That's just my scientific sounding guess, though
      Also note that no accelerant is needed
      Here's a bunch of videos:


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        Yeah, it's just baking soda and cyano. I've used it on RC models after a crash. I've never found a use for it otherwise. If I'm filling wood projects, I use sawdust and cyano, then hit it with the accelerator.

        This stuff WILL work on wood, but it's nothing exciting.