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Reverse Ryobi tool kit unboxing?

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  • Reverse Ryobi tool kit unboxing?

    I bought a Ryobi tool kit when we got stateside and I used a couple of the tools, but we're going to head out again. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get these tools back into the original box and close the lid.

    The original box was already so compact and obviously suited to the task. If I leave it to the movers, I can almost guarantee their weight will double because of the amount of paper they use.

    I did Google it, but could not find a resource that would show me how to repack this like the original box packer did (they must have had instructions, too, right?).

    Yes, I realize this is OCD.


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    Sorry I can't help with the present challenge, but I've learned over the years that when the packaging appears to be complex and I intend to save the box for possible future storage of the tool, I take a picture of it before I start unpacking. It hasn't happened but a couple of times, but having a photo sure helps!

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      I forgot which one you bought. Never the less, I would go quickly to HD or Lowes and buy a tool storage tote or box a little over one size larger than what came with yours. It is evident that the OEM box was for shipping only and not for daily usage.

      I have found my purchased tool boxes/tote boxes are very handy.
      Hank Lee

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