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Sawmill Creek dead?

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  • Sawmill Creek dead?

    I haven't been able to reach the site recently. I mostly stopped using it, because the mods are crazy, and pretty awful to some people. So I'm not shocked that they'd drive it into the ground. I was going to look up a couple things I know were on there.

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    I just checked a few minutes ago and it seems to be working mostly fine. You need to use https://sawmillcreek.org as https://www.sawmillcreek.org seems to have redirect and login issues.
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      Right now, clicking on both of your links takes me to a dead page. Tried on two home computers, and mobile phone on cellular internet. Last week it had just been on/off for me.


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        I have never visited Sawmill Creek, but I just tried both of the given links and all I get is "This site can't be reached".

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          It's a busy site and full of info. It's also full of hothead mods and a racist mod who edited my posts for racial reasons. If you question the mods they will shut you down and remove your posts.


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            Carlos - I'm darn sorry to hear about your experience. I hope it's been better, here.

            It's possible they banned your IP.
            Mods have a few tools at their disposal.
            An over-compensating mod could even stop you from viewing their forum.
            Try browsing in incognito mode from a different computer.

            Really - the best hing to do is to understand there's jerks in the world, and to stay away from them.
            It's not fair - it's not right ----- but it'll save you a huge headache.

            I was a PHP moderator back when the technology was new. I stopped doing this stuff a decade ago when
            a discontent and banned individual started threatening me in person at my home --- and even sent a letter to my employer
            complaining about my use of business resources. (my boss laughed).


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              I never posted on sawmillcreek, and maybe glanced at it once or twice before, so there's no reason my IP should be blocked nor should I be banned... unless they scan competitor woodworking sites like sawdustzone and ban folks that participate on competitors? Whatever, neither link works for me. Both time out.



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                They can't ban my IP, I have hundreds of them, and tried a few from various parts of the country. I also switched to cellular to test it (random IPs). I have machines in two datacenters and control servers in many other locations.

                I just hopped over to a neighbor's network, same, site's dead.

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                Is sawmillcreek.org down right now?

                It's not just you! sawmillcreek.org is down.


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                  Oh, and yes, this site is far kinder to everyone, while also being blunt and to the point. But no overt cliques like some sites. We just have less traffic, and therefore, less stuff to look up answers for.


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                    Just tried both links, and they both worked. Tried the "revised" link in Twistsol's post above (#2) for my first time ever visit yesterday and got in then, too, Maybe a registered user cookie? I have different browsers for access to different things, although they're all based on Chrome, anymore..Not all Chrome based browsers work the same way at banks and health sites.
                    Yes, Sawdust Zone is by far the most civil and kind forum on the net.
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                      Yup, working for me right now.