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HF Jack Stand recall

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  • HF Jack Stand recall

    This recall about HF 3 and 6 ton jack stands came up in my news feed for some reason. Problem is I think I have a pair but they're in storage so now I've got to remember to check them whenever we get our stuff back. Maybe I'll setup a yearly reminder email.

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    Thanks. I'll check mine, I'm sure the gray ones I have are under that recall.

    They don't have a replacement yet, just in store gift card. Puts me in a bit of a quandary. I need to use mine soon.
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      The orange ones are fine. The red are not, and SOME gray ones are not. It's about the tooth shape, some have a flat surface that rolls off instead of a hook shape. Some idiot probably thought they could save a buck on the molds.


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        Mine were purchased in the late 1980s. Guess they are OK. On a side note, they still work perfectly.
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          They work fine?...... until they don’t! It makes me question how you would be able to inspect any jack stand yourself? Regardless whom the manufacturer is. I wonder what were the conditions that caused the recall.


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            If you glance at the hooks, you can see the ones that are made incorrectly are shallow and appear as if they will push the pawl off themselves. Good ones are deeper and with a little bit of hook.

            Click image for larger version

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