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Did You Ever Have One Of Those Days...

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  • Did You Ever Have One Of Those Days...

    Where literally everything you touch is completely messed up? I had a day where everything I tried to use fell over, fell on the floor, slipped out of my hands, or just didn’t work as planned. I call it the manure finger syndrome. Normally, I would quit for the day and go do something that doesn’t include sharp objects, but time was pressing and I had to get the job done. The problem just got worse and by the end of the day, I had wounded myself several times. I haven’t figured out if it’s my advancing age, stupidity, lack of attention, or what, but I sure don’t like it.

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    I can relate. Had my sleep disrupted multiple times last night from sleeping in a very noisy location, resulting in a horrible night - felt like I had a mental block today from fatigue. Decided to avoid working in the shop today for safety's sake. Instead did some planning - but even then will check my planning carefully before executing in the shop.
    Did you get a good night's sleep?


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      Well there's the cases where stuff just doesn't go right for each thing you do.

      For me though, the scenario is always broken not working stuff and each fix leads to more broken stuff.

      Like you start out to build a simple small wooden stand.
      The shop light is out so you go to replace it with the spare you have stashed. Then the ladder is broken. You fix the ladder. Then the voltmeter is broken, you replace the battery but the old one leaked so you clean out the meter and repair the contacts. Then the straps on the light don't have hooks, they need a screwed on fitting so you get a drill but the batteries are dead and need recharging. Finally you set the screws and hang the light and start to make your project.

      The wood is cut. the glue is dried up and you have to disassemble the bottle to clean and unplug the tip then you decide the rest of the bottle is bad so you find the spare bottle you bought last season. The air compressor has a bad leak when you turn it on and you go and fix that fitting only to find the hose is rotten and its not the fitting. Now the nailer doesn't want to work and you fix the jam or the leaking O-ring.
      You wonder how it got to be 6PM to build this stand and now have a list of things to fix tomorrow or next week when the parts all arrive.and need a new air hose.
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        I'd like to know how you gained access to my security cameras.


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          I had a "partial" one yesterday. I needed a Phillips screwdriver. I have a tool chest full of them. And I pull one out for this reason or that, put them in a smaller tool box for traveling in my car or in one for electrical work (light or switch) to help someone, one in another generic tool box, then two of different sizes on the work bench.

          Yesterday afternoon, I couldn't find any. I found 8 flat screw drivers before I found a Phillips screw driver. I could have gone to my large tool chest but I hate having to deplete that big box. It is my reserve for when all else fails.

          BUT, I have those days that I can't do A until I find B, which is broken and I forgot to fix it, but I can't do that until I do C, but C needs adjusting, which I can't do at the moment because LOML needs me to run to the grocery to buy something that they are out of and having to go to another store!
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          Hank Lee

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            And to go to the store, you need A to be working.
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