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Dust Collector Parts in the roofing aisle at Lowe’s

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  • Dust Collector Parts in the roofing aisle at Lowe’s

    Look what I found in the roofing aisle at Lowe’s! Who would have thought that they would thought that someone put dust collector hoods there? They look like you can cut in any 4” pipe or hose and should be able to adapt them to most lathe, miter saw or sanding station applications. They are also much more affordable than dedicated dust collector fittings at $4.50
    This is a roofing vent stack flashing

    Click image for larger version

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    Haha nice.


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      I like these vent stacks for dust collecton on my sander by building an ell header box and using 2 vent stacks opened to 4” each, one directly behind the sanding spindle and one under the spindle. One six inch pvc fitting will allow for all the suction my collector will provide.


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        One of my used machines came with a metal version of this, and someone had hand crimped the end to fit a DC tube.