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    Talking about Woodworkers Guild,

    I got a mail card from the woodworking shows
    advertising a show in Kansas City Feb 16-17th.
    I looked and apparently that's the closest they get to Houston Texas any more.
    They've really cut back the circuit, I guess they weren't making enough money.

    They used to one here every year and when I was younger, less experienced and needed stuff, they had some good sales and deals.
    I know I learned about a lot of tool types, bought stuff to the tune of a couple hundred or more dollars each year.

    I have to admit not missing them in recent years, but it seems like something has passed...

    I think they missed last years, too.
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    They haven't been anywhere in the western half of the US in two or three years. Milwaukee is the closest to us this year.
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      It is this weekend in KC, but it is now two days only, instead of the three it used to be. The local places have not gone there for years and tend to have sales the same weekend. Our largest vendor, closed YEARS ago (TheWoodworkersChoice, both name and website) and the last times I went, some of the stuff you used to be able to get at the shows, were now order at the shows and have shipped to you. (casters for instance, kreg screws my dad asks for)
      I think part of the reason they still have it is the Mennonite presence. Audience that doesn't really use internet.
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