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Planned Maintenance Outage 2018-May-14

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  • Planned Maintenance Outage 2018-May-14

    There will be a site outage for about an hour on May 14th 2018 from 9-10 PM Central Daylight time.

    The outage will be to set up SSL on our server. Since the beginning of the year our search rankings have been dropping and many browsers are now issuing warnings for any sites that to not support SSL encryption. It is also a requirement in the near future for Tapatalk to continue to function with our site.

    If everything goes well, any links to http:// will automatically be routed to the https:// equiivalent.

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    The maintenance outage is now complete. SSL is not yet active, there is a problem with making it the default setting which needs to get worked out.
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      SSL Is now active on the site and your browser will be automatically redirected. If you have bookmarks to the site, you should update them to start with https:// rather than http://