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  • Mobile Device and TapaTalk Users

    One of the new features of the vBulletin 4.x software is that it has the ability to detect mobile devices and present the site in a more readable style. After the upgrade in April, there was a bug with the way vBulletin handled the mobile style for the site. It would display a blank page if you connected from a mobile device and weren't already logged in. This is caused bye the vBulletin extension that is in used to build the Home page and the Affiliates page. The mobile style has been disabled since shortly after the upgrade.

    I finally found the code snippet that was causing the problem and the mobile style is working properly again. This approach to viewing the site on a mobile device has some advantages over TapaTalk. Mostly that tapatalk only supports access to the forums. The vBulletin mobile style provides almost complete access to the site. The Home page as it appears from a desktop browsers and the Affiliates page are unavailable. The colors for the mobile style are also the basic blue we saw immediately following the upgrade. The color scheme will be updated shortly

    The TapaTalk feed was changed from BT3Central to SawdustZone last week as well. Tapatalk may experience a brief interruption when we change the domain on August 8th, but it should be less than an hour after the site is back online that TapaTalk feeds resume.
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    Tapa talk is working. Thanks
    I will try the mobile site

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    Thanks again,