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    First... let me say thanks to all those that have stated "don't sweat it" as it means little in reality. As an adult I couldn't agree more and should be treated in that manner. When I first saw the lone star.. I thought nothing of it as I am not very computer saavy and have never opened the little rating thing to see what stars represent.

    When I did and saw a lone star is TERRIBLE... my first thought was Why? I have always promoted safety to the maximum that it can be carried out and even over-kill in many cases. I fully promote passing skills that have been accumulated over time through teaching and experience on to those that have just got started. I remember that back in 1972 and the mass amount of information that is available by just a Google search was not available.

    Wood-working has been practiced for over 5000 years and skills have been passed down from that time to the present. My 22 year old son at this point has no interest so I pass what little I have learned on these WW forums. I realize I can't take it with me when I turn out the lights in the shop for the last time.

    I was not mad or upset when I found out what the lone star meant. But.. I was dis-appointed as I would not expect nor have I seen petty.. romper room mentallity as appears on other forums that may not be suited for the "thin skinned" on this forum. To not face someone and tell them what you think but in lieu stab them in the back from the anonymous safety of behind a keyboard does not meet my requirements of giving respect to someone as a mature man.

    I am aware that some may not care for my personality as sometimes personalities clash. But... in a case as such, you act in an adult manner and simply ignore. I am not here to win a personality contest. Nor am I here to solicite votes of praise as can be rated by Stars. I simply come here to pass on what I have learned when I see a question not answered that I may qualify to answer. I also try to take the time to look at all finished products and praise them quality as I can find something good about all of them regardless of over-all quality. I really don't have time for many of the other topics as I spend a majority of my time Wood-working.

    Thanks to all those that went back and gave Stars to the thread I started but it was not necessary. It is there to record a project from a pile of wood to a finished and use-able piece. If just one person picks up a clever safety idea or technique from the pictures... I consider it worthwhile. And for those not interested the optiion to ignore is the adult response.

    Trust me guys and girls... I could normally care less about recieving Stars as I got one or two before becoming a Sunday School drop-out after having to go to work at age 13 when my father died pre-maturely. I got a few latter that mean more to me than any that could be awarded on a WW forum and a Heart thrown in. They speak of who I am.. and once you know no further Stars are necessary to gain respect.

    Regards to all as un-ruly dove-tails in soft-wood await my arrival
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    Folks as Sam once did to one of my posts I feel this post by Sarge is one of the best I've seen. It explains why some of us come here to read and post. Hats off to Sarge a real American Hero!
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      I never even noticed the star rating system before your posts about it. I always enjoy your posts.

      That is an impressive display. A single bronze star is impressive. Two bronze stars are even more impressive. One bronze star with an oak leaf and the other with a Valor device shows that you gave alot and expected nothing. Add a Purple Heart and all I can saw is Thank You. It was people like you that inspired me to serve also.
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        Holy crap, Sarge, that is quite a display! I don't even want to know what you did to deserve those. Let's just say that I hope you didn't have to take-up woodworking to replace missing body parts!

        While saying "thank you" is hardly enough, I'm gonna say it anyhow. Thank you for your service to this country, Sarge!


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          i also want to thank you for taking the time and care into each thread or post that you have posted. i personally have picked up pointer by reading your thread and from the help that you have given me.

          so thank you once again for everything that you have done for us, beyond ww.


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            I salute You, I am one of the people on this forum that is always trying to learn.

            Continue posting, I appreciate it. Bill


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              As your post quite rightly now gets "best of forum" I will repost my comments from the earlier thread.

              All your posts are valuable beyond what a mouse clicked star could measure. As many here have already mentioned I didnt even realize there was a post star rating

              As your photos show there are stars (and hearts) that mean much more to you and all of us. I for one appreciate what they mean and thank you. If you ever felt like sharing how you came by them we would all be happy to listen.

              Here are 5 stars for you.

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                Not knowing if you saw my post in the other thread, I'll re-post it too.

                You said it very well, Sarge. Thank you. And thanks for your service. It means a lot.

                Do you know about kickback? Ray has a good writeup here...

                For a kickback demonstration video


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                  A relative found another forum, that interested her. As computer literacy, doesn't apply to all members of my family, they found the star mechanism in their forum, and used it, thinking it was a reminder/subscription to that post (for refinding her interests).

                  Unless there is a way to see how many people gave something 1 star, I don't worry about it. As stated, it could be an accidental click, or a person with no forum software experience. I was new here once, myself.
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                    SARGE, I along with many others think you do

                    great on the forum with what you do in your shop and otherwise. After seeing that someone had hit you with a single star, I got back on last night and hit the five star and added a comment. Don't know why whoever hit the one star, but you got all five from me. And thank you for serving and protecting our people and freedom!


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                      In all three cases of hard-ware... team leader of a 6 man Hunter-Killer team.. P Co. 75th Ranger Regiment VN.. that encountered from 10-1 to 30-1 odds against us. Wrong place at the right time.. very quick decisions based on logic and d*amn lucky in all three cases IMO as we managed to keep our cool.

                      Out-gunned in numbers but not in a positive attitude toward survival. The team leader carried a single shot Remington 700 match grade sniper rifle.. scoped and Marine issue.. assistant a semi-automatic match grade M-14.. 3 team members M-16 with silencers and the PRC-25 radio man a 9 shot Mossberg pump shot-gun. Saddle up.. travel light.. hit hard and quick and make all shots count.

                      Details would take forever as much happens quickly in combat. Did I mention lucky... d*amn lucky?

                      Bad News I .... out!


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                        Sarge... That is some serious hardware. Not sure if most people realize just how rarely those stars are awarded - especially to the living.

                        Folks, we tend to toss the word "Hero" around pretty loosely. Medals like those go only to people that have done things that lifelong professional soldiers consider heroic and amazing. These require a lot more than just getting shot at and shooting back.

                        Many of us have served. Only a few went looking for trouble, found it in spades and lived to tell about it. By the looks of it, Sarge made a habit out of doing just that.

                        My hat is off to you.
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                          Thank you DK... at one time when I was young "I lived for danger" and "lived to work". As one gets older, I find "I live to navigate around danger" and "work to live".

                          Aging and having teen-agers can turn an attitude in a full circle. ha.. ha...


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                            As has been said so eloquently by others Thank you for your service to our country! I appreciate all that men like you have done to protect us.


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                              SARGE..g-47, the little stars in the upper corner are of no significance to most people here. However the STARS and HEART you posess mean EVERYTHING to AMERICA.

                              A TRUE AMERICAN HERO, I SALUTE YOU!
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