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The Ever Flexible Pony Pipe Clamp

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  • The Ever Flexible Pony Pipe Clamp

    Due to a brain fade while assembling the carcass for the living room side table I'm making, I had to add 2" wide by 1/8" strips to the inside of one side of the cabinet to facilitate mounting the full extension drawer slides. I don't have any heavy weights to put on them and no way to use cauls, so I improvised using the Pony pipe clamps I have. Crude, but effective. Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Jim Frye
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    Yeah, that's my two adjectives that would describe pipe clamps. Flexible and heavy.

    Flexible because they bend so much in long lengths
    and heavy, because, well, they are.

    I own maybe one. I think, anyway, and I've never used it.
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      You're always thinking Jim!

      Good idea and just goes to show there's more than one use for a tool. I've only got four pipe clamps, but I've only used them a few times. The one's that I have are from Rockler, which have standoff leg on them.

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        I had 8 at one time; then moved to Japan. Came back home and could not find but two. I ordered 4 sets of pony clamps IIRC, and went to the hardware store to buy some black pipe (wanted four 4 ft) back in 2005-06 while home for a year. Both galvanized and black were outrageous locally. I never did get any, but could have bought them cheaper at HD or Lowe but didn't. Then, I lost my pony clamp sets by the time I went back overseas and got back.
        Hank Lee

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