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Ripping/resawing with a tracksaw?

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  • Ripping/resawing with a tracksaw?

    I'm going to build some desks from these disassembled shipping crates. This one crate is framed out with true 2x4s of some really light weight pine. However, I need them to 1x4s and 1x2s.

    After I run the metal detector over them, I want to rip them down to size but I've only got my Dewalt track saw--no handsaw or table saw.

    I'll probably have to take two passes at full depth and support the track so it doesn't wobble but I'm wondering if you can think of a good way to do this.

    We don't have our car yet so I can't run to the HD type store for wood and it would be kind of neat to just use what I've got.


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    I would say that in ripping the 2x4, the 2x4 does need to be clamped so that it can not moved forwards or backwards, or the ends need to be blocked to prevent the same.
    Hank Lee

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      If your crate wood is good and straight with crisp corners it shouldn’t be a problem, as Lee said, clamp both ends. I would use a set up block rather than try to measure, that way both ends will be the same and when you cut from the back side your cut should be true as well.