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  • Bosch JS365

    letting y'all know, this is a fantastic tool.

    My Ridgid low profile broke up while I was sawing some 1" live oak. To be fair to Ridgid, it's super dense stuff. Still, I had a job to do, and it could not do it.

    I opted for the 365 because it has good amps (shy of the more expensive 7.0, but more than most saws)

    I was not disappointed! The stock blade did a great job, although I have a fairly extensive Bosch blade set.

    The one thing i don't like is the angle indicator. I'll just measure with a protractor, but I think that part should be nicer than it is.

    Overall, Bosch as made a decent product.

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    Like this idea...

    DUST CONTROL: An adjustable dust blower keeps cutting line clear



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      I have a dust blower on my Dewalt 20v jigsaw, and it really does work. Prior to that I had the larger Bosch plug-in and its blower really helped also. I tend to mostly freehand my jigsaw cuts so the line is very important. As far as the tool itself, the battery blows away the plug-in for both power and mobility.


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        I have the JS365 also. Really like it.

        I dropped mine once and broke the aluminum shoe. I ordered a replacement from Bosch and it came quickly. Replaced the shoe and it works great.
        Hank Lee

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