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Dual Router Table under construction

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  • Dual Router Table under construction

    A few of you may remember the Router Center Table I made and posted back in 2002 or 2003 when I was living in Japan. It worked well, but I didn't have enough space to bring it back. I am in the process of making one similar now but with some minor differences. I need it to make a few things I have planned, especially an oak corner cabinet for LOML. Not sure I can get the corner cabinet done for Christmas but I have some backup presents ready in case I do not.

    The new Router center, like the old one, will have dual routers in it plus a PC 690 base on a mounted horizontally on a vertical fence on the rear; For routers - I have an older (but in great shape) 2 1/4 hp Craftsman and a 1 3/4 hp PC 690. I have three bases for the 690 so I move it around from base to base.

    ON the new router casing, it will be the same size as the one left behind in Japan - 36 inches wide, 22 inches front to back and 42 inches tall. I brought the original fence home with me along with the vertical back with the horizontal router mount. I had to construct a new top and it will be similar to the one pictured, but with the two routers spaced out a little different from the picture below on the old one.

    So far, I have the basic case made, the top made and routers installed. It is "operable" now but I need to add the drawers and add the rear vertical board with the horizontal router base. For the top, I had an MDF board with some kind of phenolic top on it, very slick. The top came out of an exercise machine that someone was throwing away a couple of years ago. (The rubber belt of some exercise machines slide across an MDF board and are coated with some kind of slick coating.) I thought this would make for an excellent for a router top, smooth and slick, so I kept it.

    I will get some pictures of it probably by next week. I need to get started on the Oak Corner cabinet.
    Hank Lee

    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!