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Anyone want some Wooden Nails?

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  • Anyone want some Wooden Nails?

    Anyone for Wooden Nails?
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    Hank Lee

    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!

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    At first I thought you were joking, then I thought "Why not".

    Personally, I don't like using metal fasteners when building anything like furniture, shelving, bookcases, etc. So, I did some quick web checking with a "lignoloc" search on Google, and got a few hits. Pretty interesting!

    But it is a little on the expensive side at about $143 per nail coil (1020 nails) and $500 for the gun and whatever else one might need:

    How do I tell my wife I need this for Christmas?

    Thanks for the post Hank,


    Think it Through Before You Do!


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      $500 for the gun and $143 a coil of nails. This sounds like something Festool would charge!
      A single coil doesnít look like 1020 nails, the description says 1020 per box. It didnít say how many coils per box, I put one coil in my shopping cart to see if it gave a quantity per coil, it didnít.

      CWS. How do I tell my wife I need this for Christmas? When she asks you what was in the box that UPS delivered, you say, a tool I needed to build a surprise for you!



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        I make my own from bamboo skewers. Takes longer to install them manually, but they do work well after ten years of using them. Only tools needed are a drill, mallet, and a chisel. Much less costly than $500 plus.
        Jim Frye
        The Nut in the Cellar.