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    I'm fixing a neighbor's almost new HF electric cut-off tool. Just out of warranty (of course). I found a bad motor brush. No problem! Easy to replace. BUT - HF sells the tool, but customer service can not not sell the brushes. Incredible - motor brushes are consumables, not obscure replacement parts. Tossing out a 3-month old tool now for lack of brushes just makes me angry.
    Do these folks not sell any replacement parts anymore for their junk? I thought that they used to.

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    I've always just taken the tool back and they replace it on the spot. I've done that without a receipt.



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      ace hardware has brushes of various sizes and shapes. maybe you will find one that fits or will fit with a little modification. Graphite/carbon machines easily.

      HF tools, though, sometimes fit int he one-time-use category, unfortunately, sometimes you get exactly what you pay for.

      There's some discussions on this forum if you search for harbor freight tools, as to what are the gems and what are the duds.

      Welcome and happy tool hunting.
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        HF is NOT the only one who takes this approach. Ridgid shop vacs are covered under a "Lifetime Warranty".... but after reading a couple of complaints and inquirering to Ridgid Customer Service, the "Life" of a shop vac is considered by Emerson Electric (the parent company) to only be until the brushes wear out. Furthermore, Emerson does not consider them "replaceable" and they will not sell brushes as "parts".

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          The tools I have bought from HF seem to have an extra set of brushes in the box. They are very easy to reshape with sand paper.
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            As this is your first post, welcome - but you may not have researched the matter fully.

            Did you pull the manual from the web site and identify the part number of the brushes?

            Customer Service should be able to assist at this point.

            Fortunately, as others have pointed out, brushes are quite generic and can be found at several locations such as hardware stores and motor rebuild shops.

            You are lucky you do not need a 'unique' part as then you might run into obstacles getting these.