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Miter Saw Won't Power Up - Help !!!

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  • Miter Saw Won't Power Up - Help !!!

    My Delwalt DW705 (12 inch) won't turn on. The manual has only four options for troubleshooting as follows: circuit breaker, brushes, plugged in, and the cord itself. The brushes aren't even close to the wear bars, I have power, and the saw is only a couple of years old so it's in great shape and not the cord.

    Anyone have any brainey ideas of how to trouble shoot this thing ??? I did take it apart and the switch is connected and I redid the wire nuts so everything is tight. HEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!

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    the 1st thing to do if you haven't already is to plug a lamp or something into the same socket and make sure its live (if not, do you have a GFCI outlet in the chain somewhere?)

    the next thing is to check the round trip continuity (saw unplugged) with a multimeter set on ohms. Check each plug blade to the switch (whole operating the switch) and to the motor. Then check the motor continuity. Something has to be open and this should check everything in the circuit.

    Switches are a frequent cause of malfunction as dust gets in the switch or the contacts get pitted and worn.
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      Was just using one of those yesterday, helping daughter and son in law build a new deck in their yard. About half way thru the day, wasn't able to turn it on either. Seems the plug/wiring was having a problem if it would bend in a couple of different positions. Taped it to a position where it would work til got time to redo the plug. Worked fine for the rest of the day.
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        I would check the trigger.
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          saw won't power up.....

          You checked the switch...did you actually check it with an ohm meter to very that it was working? I had a similar problem with another power tool,
          I knew that the outlet was good, so I proceded to start with the power cord disconnected from the tool, ohmed out each wire from end to end and came to find out it was the switch. Sounds like that may be where your problem is.
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            Update - Thanks for the replies ....

            A buddy helped me check everything (ohm meter) and it points towards the arbor. I would be pretty P/O'd if the motor went on a two year old saw but I took it in for service yesterday. The tech thought it was the switch as they sell every brand of professional saw you can think of and the motors rarely went so I am crossing my fingers !!!!


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              Same issue. Found to be switch malfunction. I disassembled the switch, the housing is plastic and had melted around power contact due to being on too long. Removed the Melted plastic , scrubbed the contacts And reassembled The switch. Works great and completed the current job. I will order a new switch.