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Upgraded first aid cabinet with custom graphics

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  • Upgraded first aid cabinet with custom graphics

    Original plastic housing failed so we opted for a steel housing from Amazon.

    It was missing any sort label to indicate it was a first aid box.

    While we have lots of organization left to do overall we are very happy with the results.
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    Thanks Dave,

    That was quite informative and, as always I appreciate your video production (actually I'm pretty envious of that talent )

    At present, I keep my first-aid stuff in a small tool box, marked with the label I took from the original plastic box. I don't like it though and think that it needs to be expanded and better organized. It's one thing to go in there to fetch a bandaid and some antiseptic cream with everything working except a slight cut on a finger. But with a more serious wound I think I want good organization and quick access. A wall unit like yours would be just the thing, although I did like your older cabinet with the organizational drawers.

    Thanks again,

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