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One more post on Thien Baffle ???

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  • One more post on Thien Baffle ???

    I am in the process of upgrading my HFDC and chip separator to incorporate the Thien Baffle. I have been looking at a lot of links on what others have done but I still have some questions.

    Original Setup: HFDC with original (cough, cough) bags and 55gal drum with chip separator and 4 S&D system.

    What I have done so far: I have removed the side of the impeller and made a new one with ply and increased the hole to 6. I have also increased the hole in the separator lid to 6 and now have the impeller sitting directly on top of the lid. The rest of the 4" piping will remain unchanged for now.

    I will also be upgrading to a Wynn filter.

    I am now ready to start on the Thien baffle but still have some questions.
    • How far into the baffle should the 6 pipe from the impeller extend?
    • What should be the distance between the baffle and top of the separator? I think I saw where it was about 1 below the inlet. Is that correct?



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    Phil himself might have some specs to offer. In my setup, I have the separator centered exhaust port (which connects to the DC impeller) only extending an inch or so through the upper lid of the separator, and the distance between the upper lid of the separator and the baffle is just enough to accommodate about 0.5in clearance above and below the walls of the separator inlet elbow. This is working very well for me.
    Bill in Buena Park


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      According to his posts, Phil Thien suggests that the center nipple extend half the diameter of the pipe, so if you are using 6", the nipple should extend 3" into the separator.

      Most people run the separator 1" below the bottom of the intake elbow, or bottom of the inlet pipe if you are doing side inlet.

      FWIW, I would run 6" all the way through the separator, and then wye out going 6x4x4 so you can have 2 4" branches. You aren't going to get a lot of benefit from going form 6" to a single 4"...
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