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  • Shop clean up

    Over the last couple of months the Playpen has become a disaster zone, inside and out. With vacation time we have been getting a lot of overtime and, after the cradle was finished, I locked it down to troubleshoot the charging system on my Harley. Stator is bad and on order.

    I have several unfinished projects but decided I needed to clean up first. To make things worse several cross members on a storage rack behind the shop rotted and gave way. What remained was leaning toward the shop about 10-15 degrees. I stripped it down to the 6 4x4 posts, braced them as near plumb as I could, and marked the location for the new shelves. I rigged some quick down and dirty jigs and plowed 1/2" dados everywhere a 2x meets a post. Everything was assembled with 3" deck screws and then coated with Kilz2. Should reload it tomorrow, culling the wood in the process.

    Today I spent some time working on a Grizzly edge sander I scored at a shop closing sale a while back. I swithed the wiring to run on 110V, got it up and running, and the belt tracking before I turned to the cleaning. Most of the this afternoon was spent getting the work deck cleared off so I will have room to dump the shop. Still have one 4x8 section to clean but most of what is there goes to the garden shed. I did manage to clean the miter saw, put it away, get the BT cleaned up, and do some rearranging of pegboard storage.

    Between tomorrow and Monday (I am on vacation) I should get the rest of the cleaning done and straighten out the wood storage.

    The only kicker will be if the stator for the Harley comes in. Priorities have to be right! We are taking off for a couple of nights on Tuesday to get away for our anniversary.
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    I have been busting my behind every available weekend this summer, I am making progress, but right now it looks like a hurricane just came through...
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      Cleaning...a necessary evil. I make it a habit to stick my pick up magnet with the extension wand through sawdust and chips. I'm never amazed at what I find. BTW...Happy Anniversary.