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Box (finger) joints - table saw or router

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    I didn't mention a primary reason that I prefer router dados over saw blades. My router table has two routers on it specifically for when I am doing a project and have the need for one particular bit, but need to change bits for a second need, - it allows me to keep one bit for the main blade cut and the other router to change out. I HATE SWAPPING BLADES back and forth in the middle of a project, therefore I can have the best of both worlds with the dual.

    IF I had the FrankinSaw - for old timers that alludes to one guy who put 2 BT3x00s side by side on the same stand, and a few others followed - with that I could keep one standard blade an use, and use the other saw for dado. AS surely as I made a few dado cuts, I would need to rip another board to finish all of my dados - MEANING either have a Frankinsaw or change blades in the middle of a project.

    Even on my lathes, I changed out the motor on my first one so that I didn't need to keep changing the belts to change speeds up and down on a single project.
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    Hank Lee

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      Hank: Would you consider posting a picture of your router setup?