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Fixing some split teak trim

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  • Fixing some split teak trim

    I had to repair a piece of teak trim (toe rail) for a sailboat. A line had caught the corner, and split away a good chunk. I planed the area flat and parallel to the length, glued on a section, and then shaped the outside with a plane, and the inside with a router. Still needs some finish sanding, varnish (Cetol to match the rest of the boat) before install. I'll post more when installed...I hope... (Photos uploaded out of order. How do I fix that?)

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    Almost every tree and mushroom that I carve I have to fill in a crack or hole or glue back a hunk that gets blown out in the cutting or fill in or harden a decomposed part. Previously I was using West System with their silica powder, sometimes I added color to the epoxy. Now I like using super glue, I keep thin, medium and thick viscosity on the work bench and like it a lot. I haven’t tried adding color, maybe it will work? For a larger crack or a decomposed spot the thin soaks in the wood fiber better than water, I hit it with activator and follow up with medium to fill in the void then over top with thick then hit it with activator to completely set the superglue. It sands better than epoxy, don’t know how it will handle UV or the elements though.