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Routing XPS foam for a Poor Mans Fiberglass build...

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  • Routing XPS foam for a Poor Mans Fiberglass build...

    I have a project I am starting,what they call a "Foamie" which is an insulating foam board coated with fabric and a reinforcing resin, typically Titebond 2 or Gripper primer, and topped with paint. Most of these are built as trailers, I am building mine as a truck bed camper.

    While it won't be the same, I am using build for a foamie truck camper. Really more of a swollen camper shell than a slide in, but with a built in bed. I am designing it so that the camper does use the tailgate in the down position as additional floor, giving me 8.5 foot of floor space to work with.

    My big issue is going to be, and I am not feeling super confident in this right now, probably will as I experiment but, I am planning on using 1/2" ply, and 2x2 as structural members and places to sink fasteners for items such as awnings for the camper, or support for the door and AC pass through.

    Now the 2x2 will be the same thickness as the foam, but the 1/2" ply I am going to want to mount flush / route a, well effectively say a 3" x 1/2" deep dado , all the way along each side of the camper. Probably 11' total each side after the cabover is included.

    How on earth can I rig up a jig, / straight edge that long to get the job done?
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