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  • Green treated question

    I am doing a project for my mom and dad on their acreage for their anniversary. We have a new metal sign made that is going to be hung in their driveway. I have three 6X6 X 12 green treated posts for the stand and cross beam. I am wondering can you torch green treated for the burnt look? I know you aren't supposed to breath it in and definitely not burn green treated for fire wood. But I will be outside in a well ventilated area. I am just wondering will it turn out ok? I planned on torching it, and then staining it to get that rustic look.

    any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    I don't see any reason not to do this. The only question I would have is how large of a torch do you have? A small torch would make it splotchy, in my opinion. A large brush clearing butane burning torch would make it more consistent.

    BTW, the pressure treatment (green) is done for preservation, dry rot prevention and bug infestation prevention, - which is what burning the outside surface does. The Japanese did that for centuries for the outside boards for many of their houses. For you, the PT and burning will probably give it a much longer life span.
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    Hank Lee

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      Whar Lee said. I doubt of most home owners have a torch large enough to do an acceptable job. I suspect that In times before torches the wood was held above a fire to char it, that may be an easier alternative to buying a torch that would have little use for anything else.