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    I didn't know some of the terminology so thought a search wouldn't help me much. On YouTube is a video on tuning up one of the old fences that came with the Craftsman 113 series table saws. In it, adjustments are tweeked, a piece of Baltic birch was added and it was all waxed up for more "slideability". Anyway, does anyone here know where I can find the small nylon/plastic pieces and wheel for the back end that the whole thing rides on? Are they commercially available from some of the woodworking suppliers and what are they called? If I check Sears parts I'm sure they will say that these parts are no longer available. I'm planning on a new Incra TSLS in the future, but thought I would give this "tune-up" a try in the meantime. Thanks

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    How about a link to the video?
    The one I saw, they used bearings more then nylon/plastic. Where another one I saw, they used HDPE, which is what cutting boards are generally made from and UHMW for the fence side.
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      It's called How to Improve Your Contractor Table Saw Fence on youtube by Jeremy Thompson. He didn't say anything about it, I just wanted to replace mine.


      • #4 has the entire fence available which is porbably overkill. The main plastic block at the back is called the roller holder, and are I don't know of any available. There is an article on this site that explains how you can make your own.

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          Funny I should see this now. I just rebuilt my fence on the Craftsman I own.
          The roller wheel is no longer available. I used a bearing instead.
          The name & number of it is Nice #3005DSTNTG18. It also says 201506 on the box.
          It was a perfect fit for the plastic wheel that had cracked on my fence.