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    My first post glad to be part of the group. I'm really wanting to add the ryobi shop vac to my bt3100. No luck finding I have a picture if that helps

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    They are a rare beast.

    They were a bit different, The motor was cooled independently of the vacuum air flow (a feature shared with Fein vacs) whereas most shop vacs use the main airflow to cool the motor.

    Where this approach fails is when the airflow is blocked off by sucking on a closed box for example. then the motor is starved for cooling air.
    That's where the Fein and Ryobi vacs worked better.

    One case in point is the vacuum hold down table accessory for the BT3000/3100. It was always pictured with the Ryobi vac.

    However for sucking on the dust port in the back of the BT3000/3100, any shop vac will do a good job.

    But I have not seen one for sale since 1997-98.
    every once in a while they show up on eBay I suspect.
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      Welcome. I'm not sure why the Ryobi shopvac is required. I've had my BT3000 connected to three different ShopVac machines since 1993. The first was just a regular cheapo machine that I already had, didn't even have a drain port. When it finally died, I replaced it with an industrial 12 gal. ShopVac rated at 195 cfm with a steel tub. It used to build a huge static charge that would jump a 2" spark after a few minutes use. A couple of years ago, I replaced that one with a 16 gal. ShopVac also with 195 cfm. These vacuums have been THE shop dust collection machines for all of my power tools over the years. I have two CleanStream filters for the vac. That way one can be in use while the other one dries fully from cleaning. I use the vac. with a Craftsman tool triggered switch permanently wired to a 12 ga. extension cord to turn the vac. on when the connected tool is started. It runs the vac. for 15 seconds after tool shutoff to clear the attached hose. I use three different diameter hoses to connect to all of my power tools. I have a 1", a 1 1/2", and 2 1/2" hoses that connect to the ShopVac.
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