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BT3 KIT - 8 pc. Accessory kit for the BT3000 and BT3100

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  • BT3 KIT - 8 pc. Accessory kit for the BT3000 and BT3100


    The BT3000 was a great Table saw - but I moved on to one with a larger top -- so I have a few things to sell ...

    BT3 KIT - 8 pc. Accessory kit for the BT3000 and BT3100

    -- All new in never opened box - 8 piece kit includes

    -- #1 Router Mounting Kit
    -- allows you to mount an inverted router beneath the saw's standard accessory table (standard acc. table not included)

    -- #2 Dual Miter Slot Table
    -- provides standard 3/4" grooves for using aftermarket/homemade igs and accessories

    -- #3 Miter Clamping Kit
    -- Secures stock against both miter table and miter fence

    -- #4 Dust Bag
    -- Collects sawdust directed through the built in exhaust port system which makes clean-up easier

    -- #5 Casters
    -- Makes your saw portable and easy to move around your shop or jobsite

    -- #6 & #7 Zero Clearance Throat Plates (2 pieces)
    -- Helps eliminate tearing, splintering, and chipping of plywood, laminates, and other materials.

    -- #8 Dado Throat Plate
    -- Allows the use of dado blades for making dado cuts.

    -- mounting hardware included
    -- see pictures - click to enlarge

    Price: $ 129.77 - which includes shipping to the lower 48 states
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    Review of the Accessory kit from the BT3 FAQ

    What’s in the Accessory kit? Is it worth buying?
    • A miter slot table
    • A miter clamp
    • A router mounting and fence kit
    • A pair of plastic ZCTPs, uncut (these are zero clearance throat plates, discussed later in the FAQ)
    • A metal Dado throat plate
    • A dust collection bag
    • A pair of casters

    Some people like some of the first four items. It’s a very subjective thing. The last 3 are so-so – most people don’t like them. At special order prices for the individual pieces the kit is about half off when sold for $99. If free with the saw or cheap on eBay then it might be worthwhile.

    You may or may not appreciate the miter slot table (see discussion later in the FAQ).
    Some really like the miter clamp.
    The casters are hard to use.
    The bag is much poorer than using a shop vac, but it will catch dust spewing out the dust port so its better than nothing
    The router kit (see router discussion later in the FAQ) has a mickey-mouse fence attachment but the plate for mounting the router can save you work.
    The support rings for different sized router bits are hard to make yourself.
    The Dado throat plate is useful but fairly large opening to be general purpose.
    The ZCTP’s receive mixed reviews (see later discussion in the FAQ).

    There are do-it yourself options for many if not most of these. But its the convenience factor.
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