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  • New in The box Bt3100 - Eugene, Oregon

    Been in my garage for a few years but never set up. Box is still shrinkwrapped and banded. Any ideas of what a fair price is? Looks like the easiest way to recover my costs would be to part it, but thought these saws had a following (that's what made me purchase years ago) Thx.

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    Ah, the zone of incomplete project ambitions.

    I hope you find a deserving buyer.

    Been out of production for 14-15 years now, I think they were selling for 250-300 at the end.
    I'm not sure you could get $200 unless you found someone who just had to have one.
    But from what I've been seeing, major subassemblies on eBay rip fences list for $70, motors $100, Aux/router table for 50, miter fence $50, SMT $70, wrenches $32, rails $54, handwheel assy $55
    Blade guard $99, arbor nut and spacers and washers 20

    These are of course asking prices, but usually used. Yours will be "brand new, never used"
    If you sell all of the above you're looking at over 600 and you still have a lot of parts left. like rail locking levers $6 each and you will have 4 of them. A blade, a stand, main table top and a bunch of parts from the guts.
    Not a lot of disassembly but multiple shipping.

    Good luck
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