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Replacement Drawer Glide?

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  • Replacement Drawer Glide?

    Hi, I apologize if this is in the wrong place but I'm just running out of ideas. I'm very inexperienced with this sort of stuff so when a drawer glide on a desk recently broke I was kind of at a loss. I've been searching for a replacement but can't seem to find the same kind anywhere at all (linking a picture, it is 22 inches long). If anyone has any thoughts it would be greatly appreciated. I really am worried about having to make new screw holes in the wood.

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    Finding precisely the same might be difficult, but Amazon might have some that are the same specifications (measurements) for length, heighth, and thickness. I recently had to spend a few days looking for a specific one, but once I found it on Amazon, I started looking through Home Depot and Lowes. I ended up ordering from Amazon though.

    I would go with the specifications/measurements rather than the looks of the original. Finding one that looks exactly like the one in the picture may be very difficult. Drawer slides in factory produced furniture are not always offered in retail.
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      I see! I didn't know that, I'm learning through this whole experience. Thank you for the reply.


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        Honestly, Making new holes is probably less trouble than finding exact replacements.
        There are tricks easily learned about making holes accurately placed and limited depth that everyone should know anyway.
        I'd be concerned about getting slides the right thickness and the right length with (looks like) full extension and 22" long if that's what you say.
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