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Doh! How do I remove cooking oil from concrete pavers?

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  • Doh! How do I remove cooking oil from concrete pavers?

    My trash bag sprung a leak from the kitchen to the trashcan outside. There's a streak of cooking oil on my concrete pavers now. How do I get rid of it? Dishwashing soap? The oil has already soaked in. I'm not talking drips. I'm talking streaks.

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    I'd think that a degreasing soap followed with a methanol rinse might help, but if it has sunk into the surface you might try plaster of paris. Mix plaster of paris with water to a paste. To each cup of the mixture you make, add one teaspoon of degreasing dishwashing liquid and mix. Apply the plaster of paris over the stains, allow it to dry completely, and then sweep it away. It should suck the oil of the concrete.
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      I've used spray brake cleaner (from any auto parts store) to clean fresh oil drips/spills on the concrete driveway. As long as the oil is less than a few days old this seems to get the stain out. Tide laundry detergent works pretty well too on oil/grease. Make a slurry, slop it onto the stain, and let it soak/absorb the oil.

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        Cooking oil is a different deal than automotive oil. I have cleaned cooking oil off concrete with a solution of lye water.
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          When workers clean up after large crude oil spills, they use Dawn dishwashing liquid. I don't know how well this will work on porous paver tiles but if you let it soak in it might bring everything back up.


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            I would try a concrete absorber/degreaser. The BORG has one that you pour one in a liquid form and wait for it to dry. You then sweep it up. It's worked well for me.


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              spread oil on the others too make a pattern. it'll be easier


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                I found this on fine woodworking this morning. You might just try some saw dust and let it sit for an hour or two.


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                  Dawn takes grease out of your way...

                  Seriously. I had a similar thing happen on my sidewalk on trash day. (can had a leak it appears...). Dawn, a garden hose, and a stiff bristle broom to scrub with...
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