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    I have a bosch 1617 router and a bosch table. Yesterday while making an adjustment the lift stopped working. On further inspection, the lift adjustment rod had broken. My question is can I use another brand of lift on my bosch table. The current setup is a pain to fine tune and i have to check and recheck after a few cuts. I have been looking at the jessEm lift but do not want to modify my table. Thank you for your time. Rick

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    I have a 1617 and a 1617evs
    The 1617 is in a Jessem lift plate that fits my woodpecker table exactly.
    I have no problems and enjoy the Jessem lift a lot.
    I suppose the issue is if Jessem sells a insert plate that fits your table. insert hole.

    Not having to lock the position after adjusting is a great benefit. With the old Bosch base, locking the base would always shift the height a tiny bit.
    With that and the easy top access (good for old guys who don't like to bend) and the 1/16th inch per turn it is easy to dial in an exact change.
    1 turn = 1/16th inch = 0.064"
    1/2 turn = 1/32 = 0.032"
    1/4 turn = 1/64th = 0.016"
    1/8 turn = 1/128th in = 0.008"
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      Thank you for the info. I just burns me when you get all set up and it changes due to the lock. I will call jessem on Monday to get more info.


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        I found a way around the lift and it works very well. easy to fine-tune and will not slip when you lock it down. And only 36.00