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  • Need a little advice

    I'm just starting my way in this wonderful world called "do it yourself". and therefore I appeal to the respected members of the forum for advice.

    Construction began with the fence. Since my hands on the spot decided to make it myself. I bought a non-planed board 10mm(in wide) and other materials.

    There is a natural need for electric hand planer

    I went to the store ... I looked ... But there they are sold only with a width of 82 mm. From the manufacturers, I advise MakThe essence

    to help you here is what is at stake
    the essence of the question:
    1) How common are planer 10mm wide, are they significantly more expensive and how significant are these difference?
    2) What is the recommendation for the manufacturer?
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    you lost me completely.

    WHat's an el rubanki?

    Are your fence boards 10 mm thick? How wide are they?

    Whats 18 mm?

    All the fence boards in this part of the US are rough cut they run 14 mm thick (9/16" ) 3/4" is 18 mm.
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      I Googled "el.rubanki" and all but one hit was a Russian website, so I went no further. I have an old Ryobi HPL52K corded electric hand plane and it has a 3 1/4" (82.55 mm) cut width.
      Update: I also have a Ryobi HPL51 electric hand plane. Same 3 1/4" (82 mm) cut width. Both are good for edges, but I wouldn't necessarily use them for surface planning. I use a regular thickness planer for thinning boards.

      Here's one for the mods here. How can you create a thread and have 0 posts in your profile?
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        A few years back I did much the same thing. Bought a lot of rough ceder fence boards and then she who must be obeyed insisted she liked the smoother ones she saw in the store. So I bought a Delta planer lunchbox style takes a board 12.5" wide about 31cm and 6 or so inches thick. Looks a lot like this. This made the boards smooth and a lot of ceder shavings that make mulch that lasts forever. You should probably stop there, I didn't. "But people can see between the boards..." So I ship lapped them, sure made for a nice tight fence. Boards are now not as wide, had to buy more boards.
        If you paint or stain your fence do it before you put it up, lots easier, assuming the wood is dry, It won't be so wait a year and get a sprayer.

        If you get a planer stop where they sell chainsaws and get some hearing protection, earmuff style. much better than the ones sole id the tool department.

        Have fun

        on the left coast