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Walnut stool with danish cord seat

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  • Walnut stool with danish cord seat

    I think every woodworker has some kind of "bucket list" of things they want to achieve in furniture making/woodworking. On my list was weaving a seat with Danish cord. I've liked the mid-century modern aesthetic for a while now and you see a lot of woven chair seats. There is a Fine Woodworking issue several years back where the author weaves a bench seat with Danish cord. I knew I had to try making one.

    I'm wrapping up a vanity build for our master bath. There's a low section for my wife's makeup area/desk. She needed a chair and so this was the perfect chance to make some kind of chair and weave the seat with Danish cord. The stool is made from the same walnut tree. All the joinery was cut with my Domino and held together with my home made dominoes. I bought the cord and nails online and I learned how to weave the chair from this excellent video. I don't know how this guy does it with no gloves. The cord really chews up your hands. It is surprisingly strong considering it's just twisted paper. Part way through the weaving, I realized I messed up. It wasn't possible to fix it unless I unwound all the cord. I cut it all off and started over. I didn't get to bed until 1:30am that night.

    It's my wife's birthday present but she'll have to wait an extra day because I also submitted it to the county fair today.

    Click image for larger version

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    That is very nice looking!

    I have one (4 actually) that I don't know if you call it "danish" cord. It looks like burlap chord on mine. The fellow that made them for our family - made them from walnut that came from an old growth tree on our farm when I was a kid. Dad gave him some walnut so he made some stools similar to yours. That was 40 years ago. There was no cross brace on the bottom of ours though.
    Hank Lee

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      Great looking chair!
      Is the bottom,brace at floor level or just an optician illusion? Tell us more about the home made dominos and the jointery.


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        The cross brace is about 3/8" off the floor. I discussed the homemade dominoes here. There's one wide domino that connects the legs to the front to back stretchers. There are double dominos that connect the side to side stretchers to the leg assembly. The chair was heavily inspired by one I saw online. Construction I can do; design is my weakness.


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          That is gorgeous, I love walnut and it that little walnut stool shows off the wood and the bench design beautifully.
          The Danish weave is outstanding. I am impressed. Your wife must be happy.