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Ultimate mitre saw station

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  • Ultimate mitre saw station

    I moved about two years ago and at my last house I replaced just about every piece of trim over the 10 years I lived there. I had a really nice mitre saw station but I attached it to the house so I left it when I moved.

    I finally got around to building this design from wood wrokers journal. I made a few changes and I plan to add more drawers but I am proud of it and I wanted to share.

    Thanks for looking.

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    is there supposed to be a photo?

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      I dunno it shows a photo for me.

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        Shows a photo (thumb, just click on it) for me too.

        I can see why you're proud of it, nice job. All that extra storage space is great.

        The T-track along the fence is a nice addition. I use something similar on my RAS, though I made my own stop. I've only got the track on the right side though at the moment. Once I move it to the new shed, I'll be putting the T-track on both sides, similar to yours.

        You might consider putting those self-stick measuring tapes on the side of your T-track as it makes the overall cutting process just that much easier, without having to constantly measure.

        Nice job,

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          I actually saved the fence from my old mitre stand and I removed the adhesive tape measure which was a 1 inch tall strip of aluminum with a 3/4 talk tape on it with slots in it to adjust it.

          I wanted to see how this work first but I quickly noticed that the way these stops work the tape on top would not work for the face.


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            That's a nice setup.


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              The box under the saw is adjustable there are knobs inside the bottom cabinet that allow it to slide back and forth. Where is sits no is as far back as I could have it and still hit 45 degrees on each side. I rarely cut past 45 but If I need to I can slide it forward no problem.



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                That's a really nice setup. Makes me jealous, lol. I love my SCMS (Hitachi C12RSH, new last spring) but it's on a tiny stand between a door and my drill press. When I cut something long I have to pull the whole stand forward and balance the board. Someday I'm going to figure out how to retrofit extendable supports onto it, sort of like the Dewalt portable stand has.


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                  Looks nice. Mine is somewhat similar but not mobile. It is built on long cabinets with drawers below. The cabinet is 7 inches below the desired height and then my RAS and CMS are shimed up with scrap pieces cut to the necessary width. On one side is my router table, the same height as the saws tables so it supports wood on that side. On the other side is about an 7 foot dual layer work surface modeled after a Ron Paulk workbench. It has a wooden track for a flush sliding stops built from Paulk's total workstation design. I can detach the 7 foot worksurface to use portably but I haven't done it. I would need to make up some sawhorses to support it.