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Shelf for vintage toys

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  • Shelf for vintage toys

    My fiancee wanted a shelf to display her vintage cardboard farm animals. These probably came from a play set from the middle part of the last century.

    I made this shelf unit out of pine and cut grooves into the shelves to hold the pieces, which are made of heavy cardboard about 1/4" thick with a glossy paper surface. It is very simple construction using butt joints glued up using biscuits. It is painted with a Rustoleum vintage red, then gently distressed and sanded. The backing is chicken wire.

    I must say she was very satisfied with the result.

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    Looks like a great solution well executed!
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      Looks good!

      It made for a nice display and the 'touch' of the chicken wire to the back gives it sort of barnyard look... nice enhancement.

      Thanks for posting,

      Think it Through Before You Do!


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        Middle part of the last century? An important time in my life! You go Dr.


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          I've been gone for awhile, so I'm seeing these projects for the first time. I love the display shelf, the
          chicken wire back is such a great idea. I love the collection of cardboard animals and they look great
          on the shelf...This project is quite unique and I am a big fan of unique!


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            Happy to see you have returned!

            I hope that you and your family are doing well.

            Think it Through Before You Do!


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              Thanks cw...I had some health issues, then had trouble logging on.
              Forgot my password, and just recovered it last night.