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  • Mission style dresser set

    Over the past months I've made a few passing comments and questions regarding the mission-style dresser set I was building for our master bedroom. I'm happy to report that I was able to finish it shortly after labor day, and they have been in use now for about a week. Although I don't think any of us are able to look past the little flaws and mistakes that inevitably make it into our projects, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

    The three pieces combined were the biggest project I've ever attempted. They were my first use of inset drawers, and first significant use of spraying finishes on a woodworking project. The two dressers were based on a set of Woodcraft plans that i modified to better meet our needs, and the mirror was my own design, influenced by some I saw via a Google search, and based on elements from the dressers and the mission headboard and night stands already in our bedroom.

    For those interested I have some "in progress" pictures in this album. I admit I was kind of hit and miss with them so it definitely isn't a "step by step":
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    Sweet! I can definitely appreciate how much work that was. For me, I can plow through the carcass build pretty quickly, but then the drawers...and you've got a lot of drawers! Very nice.

    What did you spray them with and what did you spray?


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      Originally posted by atgcpaul View Post
      Sweet! I can definitely appreciate how much work that was. For me, I can plow through the carcass build pretty quickly, but then the drawers...and you've got a lot of drawers! Very nice.

      What did you spray them with and what did you spray?
      You are dead on... I had the carcasses done around end of June. Then I was waiting for my "wood guy" to come through with my order of maple for the drawer insides, which took awhile, so I worked on the mirror, which oddly enough only took about a week from start to completely finished. But yeah, those drawers were a lot of work! Worth it in the end though... I just hope they do well with the changes in humidity, etc. over time.

      For spraying, I used the Home Right Finish Max HVLP sprayer from Rockler. They had a sale on it right around my birthday in June, and I 'hinted' to the wife for it I used it to spray lacquer which worked really well as the dry time is extremely short, 10-30 minutes depending on the thickness of the coat. I can't imagine how long it would have taken me to use poly on these, as it took forever to finish even with the lacquer.


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        Awesome work! Beautiful!
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          Nice work indeed! It would probably takes me several years to complete a project like that. Againbeautiful work and thanks for sharing.
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            nice work
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              Man I love Oak. Fantastic project. Those will be there after the cows come home. You finished the backs. Now they don't really have to sit against a wall.


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                This is really nice work and the result is awesome. Some great furniture that will be with you family for a long time.

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                  Those look great. If your not making any flaws, then your not learning. If your not happy staring at your flaws, there are lots here that would like to take them off your hands, LOL.
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                    Absolutely outstanding! An heirloom quality project to be very proud of. I fully understand and respect the time it takes to execute this type and scope of project. Just outstanding!

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                      Very nice craftsmanship!

                      From the photos, your finish looks flawless; I love lacquer, though I haven't used it in quite a long time now.

                      The little details are what matters (IMO), and I love that about these furniture pieces of yours. Really a spectacular job and you have every right to be proud.

                      Thanks for showing these as they really are enviable,

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                        Thanks so much to everyone for the kind words and encouragement. This was a big project, but a fun one (most of the time lol). I can't imagine I'll be doing anything to this scale for awhile, but you never know

                        One thing that I have near the top of my mental build queue is a dresser valet for the tall dresser (me). It will be patterned after the lower portion of the jewelry box/mirror shown above, but have some places to hold wallet, keys, etc. plus a few drawers for 'junk'. Probably won't get to that until after Christmas unfortunately.


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                          That is wonderful work. I love mission style plain, so timeless.
                          and those little drawers, so pretty and so handy.
                          Enjoy the new furniture in good health.


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                            Excellent work. Thank you for sharing.


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                              I never did post my final addition to this set. I wanted a "dresser valet" to hold keys, wallet, etc for my dresser. I wanted to keep it a complementary style to the mission furniture, and also echo the lines from my wife's mirror/jewelry box shown above.

                              This is what I came up with. Been using it for a number of months now and it's been great.