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  • Craftsman parts from Ridgid

    I have a Craftsman 315-228110 Table Saw which I need some parts for. When I search for parts Ridgid table saw parts come up many times. I am in need of the miter gauge and blade guard assemblies. This model has the movable movement miter shelf. So I am wondering if these models were manufactured by Ridgid or some parts were made by same manufactures. Anyone have knowledge of this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I can tell you this:
    the first three digits of the craftsman part number generally indicated the company that made it for Sears... 315 was Ryobi.
    Also I know that the next 6 digits 22811-0 are the famous BT3000-derived saw. All the important saw parts were interchangeable between BT3100 BT3000 and 22811 and a later model sears 21829. Mostly cosmetic differences.

    There is no miter gauge for this saw, there is a miter fence that attached to the sliding miter table which has the gauge built into the table.

    THere is a blade guard but it it discontinued...

    If you are looking for the miter fence then they can sometimes be had on eBay, so many of these saws were made
    And the blade guard as well.

    As an alternative there is an aftermarket blade guard much better - the Shark Guard. from

    There are even some from time to time on Amazon I have noticed.

    On eBay or Amazon look for parts matching Ryobi BT3000 BT3100 Or look in the Member classified section on this forum. Patience is helpful.

    Those Ridgid suggestions I can almost guarantee they are false leads.
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      Welcome to the forum

      As Loring pointed out, your Craftsman 315-228110 was made by Ryobi and is the Sears version of the Ryobi BT-3100 with some rather minor differences. As I mentioned to you on the Ridgid website, this forum is the place where you will find the most experienced owners and users of the Ryobi BT3-series table saw. Unfortunately that saw has been out of production since 2004/2005 and that probably applies to the Craftsman version too. Parts are becoming more rare and of course many of the members here have taken to fabricating some of their own and sharing that here on the forum. If I recall correctly one of the members has even made their own fence for the miter table.

      The "Shark Guard" that Loring referenced is an excellent blade guard with some advantages over the original Ryobi fence, so check that out.

      Probably any questions that you have with your 22811 can probably be answered here, so please don't hesitate to join in.


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        I suggest you download the BT3 FAQ in this forum at a post linked by my signature line below, if you haven't already.
        Loring in Katy, TX USA
        If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems as if they were nails.
        BT3 FAQ -