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JessEm - Clear-Cut Precision Stock Guides on BT3x00

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  • JessEm - Clear-Cut Precision Stock Guides on BT3x00

    Woodcraft has the JessEm - Clear-Cut Precision Stock Guides on sale. See:

    Has anyone used these on a BT3x00 table saw. Expensive, but seems like a useful addition.


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    Well, I'd never heard of it, and now I really need it. Actually the router one is the one that speaks to me most. I have little trouble with stock in my Unisaw.


    • Slik Geek
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      I have the JessEm Model 04215 - Clear-Cut Precision Stock Guides on my router table. I haven't used them a lot. I can't give you a strong opinion, because I kind of forgot about the guides when I used them - which suggests that they worked well (no hassles). They struck me as excellent quality.

    • Carlos
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      Well that's a useful comment, thanks. The router is the thing I'm least skilled with and gives me the most rise/movement problems with stock.

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    I agree that their router version looks very nice as well.


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      I have the ts as well as the ones for the router. Works great for me. I use them for regular cuts but also for dados/rabbets. For multiple thinner rips they do get in the way and have to be removed which is quick and easy. Some people find this to be too annoying however. I'm not one of them but it's a consideration. Although if it's only a couple of cuts I sometimes just use a backer board.
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