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  • Sears 315.218290 Model Questions

    So I've had one of these sears saws for a while now. I purchased it in 2010. I have done some simple stuff on it. I am needing some suggestions and advice about it. I was suggested to come to your forums because you all had a bunch of experts with these models.

    My SMT has a lot of play in it when you slide it forward and backwards. I am not sure how to fix it. It shifts to the right and left about a 1/4 of an inch. I never really used the feature much. What brings me up is I am trying to add a miter slot to the table saw on the left and right. I am having major issues with trying to find the BT3000 double miter part now. I can make my own miter insert if needed and use a dado and put a slot in. My first question is how does someone suggest to say attach a new table to the extensions? I have found a couple pages on the website here that have some ideas, but none of them really go over attaching them to the table itself. Also what would be the recommendation for the material for the table?

    I was thinking maybe a sled to hug around the main blade table but people have made mention that the table might not be square to the blade and don't recommend that.

    If it isn't really worth the time. Does someone have a suggestion for a new table saw? I have very limited space in my garage. I have everything against the side because we park in the garage. The saw I have works great because it has the built in router table that doesn't take up any extra room. The problem I have is that I can't seem to find any folding up saws that add the router table to the saw itself and it doesn't look like people recommend adding them to them because of the lack of strength. I do have a festool tracksaw, but it doesn't completely get rid of the table saw functions. I really would like to have the miter slots on the saw.

    I apologize if this is all over the place. Suggestions would be great

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    I guess I take my miter slot table for granted. I "think" I mounted mine on the frame of the table saw, not the rails. It wasn't that difficult for me or for others who have done it. One needs to calculate the height from the steel frame panel (front and back) add any spacer needed, lay the miter slot table on that and drill small hole down into the steel frame panel. Then screw it down - on both ends. I am not at my saw at the moment, but this seems like what I see in my mind's eye. In other words, set the miter slot table between the front and rear rail onto the frame on both sides of the TS table. calculate how high you need to raise it to bring it to table height. Make a spacer (4) and screw the miter slot table down.

    As to your idea of a sled to hug the main table, IF, IF the table is completely parallel to the blade, then it is doable. The blade is mounted in such a way that it is not dependent upon the frame for squaring, but that does not mean that they are not parallel to each other. Worth a try to check it for parallel.

    Have you dropped the SMT? or held the SMT by the table side and set it down in vertical position, in which it suddenly drops? Dropping or letting the sliding table accidentally slam to the end while trying to stand it up against the wall (been there and done that) will break the slides. Sounds like you have a broken slide or two. By the way, the slides are reversible unless the slide is broken to bad.

    I am including the BT3000 manual as a PDF attachment. It may be a little difficult, but it has a good section on the SMT and aligning it.
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      Originally posted by earcaesar1 View Post

      My SMT has a lot of play in it when you slide it forward and backwards. I am not sure how to fix it.
      It's a simple adjustment, though if it is that far off the plastic adjustment piece may be broken. Try following the sliding table adjustment procedure and see if that fixes it.

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        There's a fairly complete set of possible questions and answers about this saw in the BT3 FAQ - frequently asked questions, a PDF file which is linked at the bottom of my reply here.
        I would download that and read it.
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        BT3 FAQ -


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          In case you haven't seen any homemade versions of an MST mounted to the rails, I made this one several years ago - still rock solid.
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