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BT3000 Fence Needed

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  • BT3000 Fence Needed

    Hi all, this is my first post.
    My fence on my BT3000 broke today and I need a replacement.
    This is the part number i was able to find: A182010901

    I can't seem to find a replacement anywhere, but I did find this link:

    Does anyone have one for sale...or know where i can get one?

    In the meantime, i'm trying to fix the original.

    Desperate...please help


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    Which part broke? The front end part, or the back end part?
    Hank Lee

    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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      The front part. The cast aluminum part that inserts into the track. (the part inside the fence that is held by the two hex nuts on top) It broke off in the track. I'm trying to bond it with a product called PC-7 Epoxy. if it holds as good as some of their demo pieces, i may be ok. Otherwise...1. i need a replacement or 2. I'll have to make a wooden fence system using a cam handle. Like this:


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        If the epoxy doesn’t work for you, maybe you can find someone that can print you a replacement part with a 3D printer


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          Try eBay. There is a guy, larpower1 who has a multitude of parts that he has obtained from former independent ryobi repair facilities. Additionally he has made some miter fence end gages with a 3D printer. I bought a few of them and with a little bit if tweaking they will work.

          I think that he is also a member of Sawdust


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            Appreciate the information. Thanks.


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              So the PC-7 Epoxy seems to have bonded the broken handle. I believe the handle part of the fence is made from cast aluminum. I'm amazed, it's solid! Put it all back together and it's back in action. Now i'm going to get to work on a backup fence in case it happens again. Thanks all.